Kate Rogers reports from Seattle where she reports on how one start-up company is looking to sell a product where you can drink coffee without coffee beans.

There’s a new surge of start-ups where you would least likely expect…in the Midwest. Our Julia Boorstin is in the Windy City and reports on why the Midwest region is a great place for start-up companies to grow.

U.S. start-ups such as Houzz, Ezetap and Udacity are entering the burgeoning Indian marketplace, which has a middle class of 300 million.

Kate Rogers reports on the increasing number of startups taking root in Philadelphia.

Venture capital investment and a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is helping start-ups thrive in the City of Brotherly Love.

Tech: It’s not all about the young anymore.

Start-ups are following the lead of powerhouses such as Nike, Adidas and Intel to lay down roots in the Rose City. Here’s why.

Facebook, Amazon, Google and other tech giants are partnering with Udacity, a start-up reinventing skills training for the masses.

A powerful ecosystem has emerged in San Diego for entrepreneurs, bolstered by the fact it has developed itself as a center of excellence in biotech and life sciences, mobile technology and aerospace research.

Employees at Practichem, a North Carolina-based start-up that makes scientific instruments, are getting a sweet perk.

Americans will spend 900 million hours on hold this year. New services will tackle those customer service calls on your behalf, for a fee.

Not all mistakes are bad. In fact, for Jim McKelvey, the co-founder of mobile payments company Square, one failure led to a new venture.

“We’re going to kill the banks,” was the line often pedalled by fintech start-ups in the past couple of years, but that has now changed.

Downtown Palo Alto, the heart and soul of Silicon Valley and former home to Google, Facebook and PayPal, is slowly turning into a scene out of “Lord of the Rings.”

Many of today’s hottest tech start-ups weren’t around the last time the Fed’s benchmark rate was above zero. They’d better be getting ready.