Small Cap Stocks

On tonight’s “Market Monitor”, we speak with Eric Marshall, Portfolio Manager at Hodges Capital, who recommends three small cap stocks for us.

Joining us on the show is Loreen Gilbert, President at Wealth Wise Financial, to talk about what may be in store for small cap stocks.

U.S. stocks plunged after Monday’s open, with the S&P 500, Dow Jones industrial average and the Nasdaq composite all falling 5 percent or more within the first half-hour of trading. Fresh concerns about China’s economy and broader emerging markets have widely been named the primary culprit for the selloff. Yet the Russell 2000 small-cap index, which …

Biotechs and small caps are the top performers on Wall Street, with the health-care subsector up about 8 percent for the week and the Russell 2000 hitting new highs. Investors are expected to continue pouring money into biotechs and small caps because the sectors are insulated from the impact of the rising dollar. “We have …

Tonight’s Market Monitor guest has three small cap stock picks.

During the week’s market turmoil, small cap stocks easily outperformed much larger companies and the overall market. Could this signal an opportunity for investors to make a big move into small caps?

Small cap stocks have been hit hard recently. Why are investors turning away from these stocks and does the recent weakness mean there are hidden opportunities?