Sharing Economy

Uber is closing in on its goal of raising $2.1 billion in venture capital, according to The New York Times. People briefed on the company’s plans told The Times this will mark the San Francisco-based company’s single largest investment round to date. Once this round is completed, the total investment will value Uber at $62.5 billion, …

Airbnb wins a battle in San Francisco, defeating a measure that would have capped the number of nights an Airbnb user could rent out their home or room.

There’s more evidence that so-called ride-hailing services are gaining ground against traditional taxis. Thirty-one percent of business travelers now use Uber for ground transportation, topping taxi trips every month since April, a study said Thursday. Just 22 percent of business trippers use taxis when hailing rides, down from 37 percent in the first quarter of …

President Barack Obama tackled the so-called “gig” economy — and the growing number of Americans who move from one temporary job to the next without benefits — in a summit at the White House on Wednesday. The president, as well as leaders from business and tech start-ups, touched on other labor-related topics including minimum wage, …

Morgan Brennan tells us about the new trend of renting chickens for your backyard.

China’s growth may be slowing, but that’s not stopping Uber from betting on Beijing.

The stage is set for a legal showdown over Uber drivers and the outcome could have a wide-ranging impact on the sharing economy.

An Uber ruling could have major implications for the sharing economy.

Uber is fast becoming a political lightning rod, not just in New York, but on the national stage.