Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, is taking the lead on a new proposal aimed at fixing funding shortfalls for Social Security, Medicare and the nation’s crumbling highways.

Seema Mody reports on how Caterpillar is greatly impacted by the U.S. – China trade war.

Seema Mody reports from Delaware where she gives us an exclusive access inside the newest modernized Acela train where Amtrak is trying to attract new travelers.

America’s infrastructure is a mess. And with the Trump administration and Congress unable to fast-forward a bipartisan plan to address the issue, things are only getting worse.

At LAX airport in Los Angeles, you may have notice some machines where you can send your feedback on the services and hospitality there. Jane Wells has more from LAX airport.

Infrastructure talks break down between President Trump and Democratic leaders and that has some wondering if a key deal on the debt ceiling might be harder to reach. Eamon Javers is following the story for us and reports from the White House.

In October 2018, Category 5 Hurricane Michael ripped through a small beach town in Florida…but there was one home that was left relatively unscathed in the aftermath and it’s making an impression on homeowners and builders. Diana Olick reports from this fortified home.

Infrastructure spending on U.S. ports are at an all-time high. Our Aditi Roy is at the Oakland Port in California and reports on how the upgrade of their infrastructure is needed there.

In today’s infrastructure report, the Big Easy is in the midst of a big airport renovation with their terminals. Our Phil Lebeau is at that airport and gives us a sneak peak.

What will it take for America to upgrade its levees & dams? Our Contessa Brewer reports from a New Jersey on the state of our water infrastructure.

Our Frank Holland heads to Columbus, Ohio and reports on the pressing need there for a more modern system with their roads to help eliminate automobile accidents.

There are new apartments created with the focus on energy efficiency using the latest technology. Diana Olick has more from Southern California.

China’s president made an appearance at a global infrastructure event at Beijing and sent a strong message to the United States. Eunice Yoon is at the event with more.

The Trump administration wants to reduce the time it takes to get a permit for infrastructure projects.

Morgan Brennan gives us a look at the nation’s first privately funded passenger train.