Dozens of needed drugs are in short supply and some say the problem is getting worse but the reason may surprise you. Meg Tirrell has more for us.

Joining us on the show to talk more about the shortages of drugs for needed patients is Dr. Andrew Hantel, Oncologist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that the United States is willing to help Mexico “wage WAR on the drug cartels” in the country, following the deaths of at least nine Americans, including six children, who reportedly came under attack in a highway ambush in a Mexican border state Monday.

Frank Holland reports why a new harvest in Kentucky is getting Wall Street’s attention.

Cronos is buying access to the CBD market in the U.S. by acquiring Redwood Holding Group, the company behind popular CBD beauty brand Lord Jones, for $300 million, the pot company announced Friday.

We have a special investigation piece where we take you inside the black market for cannabis where illegal dispensaries openly break the law, which is all part of a $70 billion nationwide illicit market that’s hurting the legal industry. Melissa Lee has a CNBC investigation report: Weed Killers.

There are more CBD (cannabidiol) products on sale and it’s quickly growing into a billion dollar business. The FDA held its initial hearing on trying to get a better handle on the CBD. Aditi Roy reports.

44 states have now filed a lawsuit accusing pharmaceutical companies of inflating generic drug prices. Meg Tirrell has more with this story.

We speak with Chris Meekins, a research analyst at Raymond James, about the high cost of drugs in the market today. How can folks afford these expensive drugs?

There’s a new drug that’s worth $2M – the biggest price tag ever – and some are saying this gene therapy drug is worth it. Meg Tirrell has more.

Health researchers say there’s little evidence to show that recent progress is a result of the White House’s efforts. They noted that prescriptions have been declining since 2012, before Trump became president.

Outgoing FDA chief Scott Gottlieb releases a much-anticipated draft policy restricting e-cigarette sales to curb an “epidemic” of teen use.

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams declared e-cigarette use among kids an “epidemic” in the U.S. on Tuesday, pointing to companies like Juul as problematic.

Two-thirds of Americans want an independent body to oversee prescription drug pricing.

Almost 1 in 5 rural counties in the U.S. saw increases in the number of premature deaths over the past decade — even as most large urban counties saw regular improvements in their premature death rates.