Bright Ideas

An MIT engineer in New York City is looking to pave the way for custom-made hair care products.

We’re seeing used clothing as a big business now and on this month’s “Bright Ideas”, we speak with entrepreneurs who focus on men’s clothing and their growing love in fashion. Our Sue Herera has more for us.

On this edition of “Bright Ideas”, meet the entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make your home renovation project easier and cheaper. Our Bill Griffeth has more for us.

On the latest edition of “Bright Ideas”, we speak with a pair of entrepreneurs who have a high tech way where it allows people to streamline their commute. Sue Herera reports.

On the latest “Bright Ideas”, filing for financial aid can be tough but we found one entrepreneur who is helping families negotiate and even lowering their cost for college. Our Bill Griffeth explains.

Sue Herera reports how an entrepreneur in Charlotte, North Carolina is bringing circuit breakers to the digital age.

When attending a lavish event or occasion, you notice the abundance of beautiful natural flowers that brings the ambiance to the room. After the event, most of these expensive flowers, which can range in the tens of thousands of dollars, are thrown out even though they are still in good shape.

NBR’s original story was published on March 12, 2015: In a landscape full of start-ups, one company is making its mark by capitalizing on other start-ups.

Sue Herera explores how a trio of NYC entrepreneurs is reinventing the pop-up shop and helping to bring online retailers into the physical space.

Sue Herera reports on two dog lovers who couldn’t find fresh, homemade dog food on the market – so they decided to create it themselves.

A growing number of businesses are offering online chat services to help employees answer customer questions and address concerns. But those chats are often stilted and awkward. And that’s why one entrepreneur made it his mission to make chatting more personal. Bill Griffeth reports.

Bill Griffeth reports how one entrepreneur is helping others turn their vision into reality with a sustainable twist.

No one ever said logistics was sexy, but it is lucrative for one entrepreneur who had the bright idea to ship packages around the world. Sue Herera has his story.

The baseball bat business is dominated by a few big players, but an entrepreneur with a bright idea found his way into the game. Bill Griffeth has his story.