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Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Former Fed Chair Yellen says the Fed’s next move could be a rate cut.

Plus, do you ever click ‘yes’ on those website privacy policies? You probably do. But what exactly are you agreeing to?

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Sears gets a life line after a judge gives the company’s largest shareholder another chance to save the storied retailer. Plus, why are drug prices so high? And why is it so hard to lower them? 

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, is the market being driven by a shift in sentiment on Wall Street?

Plus, will this be the year the health care industry outsmarts cancer?

Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, said Friday that Apple’s technology may have been stolen by the Chinese.

Stocks rallied after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank will be patient in raising rates and following a blowout jobs report.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell pledged that the central bank will be watching how the economy performs and will be “patient” with policy.

2018 was terrible for stocks, but years like that are usually followed by a strong bounce the next year, two market strategists point out.

Eddie Lampert on Wednesday outlined his $4.4 billion bid to buy 425 Sears stores keep it alive. Lampert also put forward a second bid for 250 stores, to buy Sears in pieces in a partial liquidation.

Tesla delivered fewer vehicles than expected during the fourth quarter despite efforts to ramp up production. Shares fell in morning trading.

Stocks fell sharply to start off 2019 as disappointing economic data and lingering concerns over global trade hampered risk appetite.

Wall Street concluded a tumultuous 2018 as the major stock indexes posted their worst yearly performances since the financial crisis.

Among retailers competing for customers, the winners of 2018 beat their rivals by providing faster delivery, better shopping options and the trendiest products.

There’s a good chance that what ailed the market in 2018 could reverse sometime in 2019, providing strong tailwinds for the stock market, some strategists said.

What happens to markets in 2019? It depends on your outlook on earnings.

In the U.S. 30 million Americans suffer from a form of fatty liver disease that turns into a form of liver cirrhosis that leads to death unless a patient can receive a liver transplant. Now drug companies are spending billions to help find a cure.