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The founders of Maker’s Row aim make it easier and cheaper for would-be entrepreneurs to find domestic manufacturers.

Landegren set out to give Americans the kind of chocolate products they craved, made with better ingredient, “a superb business concept eh, yet it failed miserably.”

Bow ties, it seems are undergoing a bit of a renaissance and that’s fine with David Kramer and David Mutter, Co-CEO’s of Beau Ties Limited of Vermont. “This was a niche market, bow ties. 10, 12 years ago this company was really one of the only games in town. That is not true now,” says …

“Engineering doesn’t have to be this incredibly intimidating, math, science-y thing. We can start showing girls engineering actually changes people’s lives and it can help make the world a better place,” says the woman behind GoldieBlox.

They’ve been telling the Honest Tea story for years. “We grew it from five thermoses and an empty Snapple bottle with a label pasted on it to over a hundred million bottles a year,” Co-Founder and CEO Seth Goldman likes to say. Goldman and his former business professor at the Yale School of Management, Barry …

Fed up with the baby food market, Shazi Visram, decided to challenge the norm.

A couple of hungry young entrepreneurs are now making a big impact selling specialty seed oils.

Ryan Braun’s suspension may not have a positive impact on the business of sports at first, USA TODAY Sports MLB Columnist Bob Nightengale said, but it is good for the future.

Steve Richardson taught himself how to design and cut wooden jigsaw puzzles. Now his creations run from $750 to$7,500 each, and more.

David Hoyt quit his job and risked it all. Now he’s considered America’s wordsmith, because of his bright idea to create word games.