Elizabeth Warren’s campaign raises $24.6 million in third quarter, way ahead of Biden, just under Sanders

GP: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Holds New Hampshire Town Hall
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks during a Town Hall at
Keene State College on September 25, 2019 in Keene, New Hampshire. Scott Eisen | Getty Images

Sen. Elizabeth Warren finished the third quarter raising $24.6 million, her campaign announced on Friday. 

The total haul puts her just behind Sen. Bernie Sanders, who brought in over $25 million, and ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden. 

For Warren, the successful quarter is the latest sign that she is surging, not just in the polls, but in the fundraising game, toward the front runner in Biden. In some of the recent surveys, she’s either tied or gone ahead of the former vice president.  Biden finished the quarter raising $15 million while Mayor Pete Buttigieg raked in $19.1 million over that same time period. 

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee combined to raise $125 million. 

Warren’s campaign noted that they have $25.7 million on hand and their average contribution last quarter was worth $26.  They also had 300,000 donors giving for the first time.  

Still, Warren has been the candidate that’s come out with detailed plans as to how she would govern if she became president. Many of those proposals would target major corporations and executives that have, in the past, supported Democrats running for president. 

Her ideas, which have included a wealth tax and regulate private equity firms, could particularly inflict pain on Wall Street titans. Democratic donors in the financial industry have privately have been warning their party that if Warren becomes the nominee, they will either sit out the election or support Trump.  

The campaigns war against Wall Street continued into their third quarter fundraising announcement. Their campaign manager, Roger Lau, called on supporters in a Medium post to “Close your eyes and picture Wall Street bankers scowling into their catered breakfast.” 

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