T-Mobile and Sprint have a long history of insulting each other — check out these harsh exchanges

The biggest loser in the $26.5 billion merger between Sprint and T-Mobile may be fans of Twitter smacktalk.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure have long traded shots on Twitter and in public statements. Legere, in particular, has issued some expletive-laden tweets about the company he’s now going to be running.

He used some choice language to describe Sprint’s 2014 “Framily Plan,” which allowed customers to decide who they considered “family” for their phone plans.












He’s never been a fan of their ads.













He once devoted a 10-tweet thread to reasons customers should ditch Sprint for T-Mobile.














Three months later, his company’s controlling shareholder, Deutsche Telekom, was in talks with Sprint’s majority owner, SoftBank, on a merger.

But the insults didn’t stop. Legere was dinging Sprint as recently as January.












Fortunately for Legere, he gets to run the combined company, if regulators allow the third- and fourth-largest U.S. wireless companies to come together. He’ll get a chance to improve Sprint’s network, which he’s so heavily criticized over the years.

Claure has generally been more restrained, but has occasionally had some strong words for his soon-to-be-boss. In 2015, Claure called T-Mobile’s service “uncarrier bulls–t” and said its “cheap misleading lease” was a joke.

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