Market Monitor: Mark Lehmann

NBR: 4/20

Guest: Mark Lehmann, JMP Securities, President

Market Monitor Stock Picks

Investors should pick the #1 stocks of the digital economy. The Digital economy leads to monopolies

Amazon (AMZN) It’s everyone’s top pick but I am going with my stick with Amazon because it is one of the winners. Investors who don’t own it  might have an opportunity to buy it at a better price after they report Q1 earnings but I don’t think you want to avoid it just because of the huge run up. We have been consistent in our recommendation of Amazon.

Facebook (FB) I’m taking the contrarian view on Facebook. There has been a lot of noise through the quarter and the stock fell to 150 but climbed back 10% after Zuckerberg’s testimony. But, it’s a juggernaut and advertisers will come back, be patient. It is the cheapest of the FANGS.

Zillow Group (ZG)

Zillow Group made a splash with their homes business. A distraction for the brand name in the industry, really a top name who owns a category and it’s cheap relative to its peers.

ZG the best brand in the sector, especially with their dominance in the digital space. ..despite a little bit of distraction given recent news of their foray into housing

Disclosures: JMP Securities does business with AMZN, FB AND ZG. Mark Lehmann does not own AMZN, FB or ZG.

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