Europe needs joint terrorism task force: fmr Navy intel officer

European intelligence and law enforcement agencies are too fragmented to thwart terrorist threats, former U.S. Navy intelligence officer Malcolm Nance said Thursday.

Nance, who now heads the think tank Terrorism Asymmetrics Project, said Europe needs a coordinated task force capable of taking a more intelligence-directed approach to defeating terrorist networks, particularly ISIS, which claimed responsibility for deadly bombings in Brussels this week.

“You have 28 nations, but you have about 500 small police forces, no national integrated terrorism task force like we have here in the United States. So the EU is going to have to take a holistic approach to that,” he told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

Creating a task force would allow countries to send personnel from one country to another in times of need, Nance said.

One option is for NATO to take the lead in crating a more coordinated approach, Nance said.

“It’s the only umbrella organization that has the capacity to flow intelligence and manpower like that,” he said. “It can be resourced up.”

Following terror attacks, Belgian and French military personnel are on the streets to the point where the countries are essentially “occupying themselves,” he said.

“If they don’t do something at the intelligence level and the law enforcement level they’re going to have soldiers remaining on the street,” he said.

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