Anger in the office costs women more than men

Zak Kendal | Getty Images

Zak Kendal | Getty Images

It’s well-established that women often encounter a different set of expectations in the workplace, but new research has put a dollar figure on gender bias in the office.

A study conducted by corporate consultancy VitalSmarts found that a woman’s “perceived competence” fell 35 percent and her “perceived deserved compensation” dropped $15,088 when she spoke angrily or forcefully, Fast Company first reported.

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The research featured male and female actors reading from different scripts and with varying levels of forcefulness. An observer assessed their worth and competence based on these interactions.

“In short, speaking forcefully creates a social backlash,” David Maxfield, one of the study’s lead researchers, said in a VitalSmarts release. “That backlash is amplified for women and can adversely affect an individual’s career and prove costly to an organization’s effectiveness.”

For more on the study, see the Fast Company article.

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