In-flight catalog SkyMall files for bankruptcy

Source: SkyMall

Source: SkyMall

Finding it hard to flourish in a smartphone-dominated world, in-flight catalog maker SkyMall has filed for bankruptcy, according to a court filing.

SkyMall, once the sole catalog provider for airline passengers, has faced increased competition from e-commerce providers, such as and

CEO Scott Wiley called the company a victim of evolving technology, dogged by the increased use of electronic devices on planes.

“The direct marketing retail industry is crowded, rapidly evolving and intensely competitive,” the company said. Citing its lack of narrowly lack of narrowly tailored product offerings, the company said it battles competitors who have “greater, or vastly greater, resources, longer histories, more customers, and higher brand recognition.”

The company will seek to sell assets as a going concern and will attempt to “sustain their scaled-down business operations as a going concern.”

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