Get appy with your Thanksgiving leftovers

With the average Thanksgiving meal costing around $50 this year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the last thing anyone wants to do is throw their leftovers away.

Wasting food might seem inevitable given the excesses of Thanksgiving Thursday, but don’t despair. As with most problems, there’s an app for that – and making the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers is no exception.

While Google and Pinterest have long given access to a treasure trove of recipes online, there are now mobile applications designed solely for helping you put that extra turkey leg to good use.

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Brian Steele | Stock / Getty Images Plus

Brian Steele | Stock / Getty Images Plus

Leftover Swap (Available for iPhones, Android is in development)

Leftover Swap is designed to help you get rid of leftovers – and make friends at the same time. The food-sharing app combines elements of Instagram, a local takeaway, GPS and instant messaging.

Users are encouraged to post a picture and simple description of their leftovers, which neighbors can then claim. After a brief conversation, users meet up and exchange the produce.

The app says it works for both “leftover givers and takers” in a “win-win” situation. To date it has enjoyed national success across the U.S, with celebrities including Star Trek actor George Takei discussing the app.

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Love Your Leftovers (Available on iPhone)

Rather than freezing your leftovers or casting them aside, iPhone app Love Your Leftovers says it helps you “minimize waste and maximize time”.

Offering a quick foodie fix from just one leftover ingredient, the app offers a range of recipes to suit your taste.

And if you have a favorite recipe, Love Your Leftovers also lets users share their recipes with others. Jambalaya anyone?

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Whole Foods Market Recipes (Available on iPhone and iPad, Android “coming soon”)

American supermarket chain Whole Foods Market has brought its own smartphone application dedicated to recipe.

According to its website, the app includes a shopping list creator, over 3,000 recipes and an interactive section that lets users post comments and photos.

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A particularly useful feature matches your exact ingredients to a recipe. If you have three eggs left over, for instance, the app suggests making “baked pancakes and sausage”.

Plus, the Whole Foods website now has a list of tasty recipes designed specifically for leftover Thanksgiving ingredients, including turkey nachos with cranberry salsa.

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