Big Data is simplifying markets, COO says

The collection of countless pieces of information in the marketplace, known as Big Data, has already infiltrated the financial markets.

“You see that in capital markets there’s been a rise of complex systems largely handling the trading activities that would occur on a day-in day-out basis,” said George Mathew, President and COO of Alteryx Analytics.

Despite its reputation for complexity, Big Data will create a simpler marketplace in the decades to come, Mathew said.

“When you look at this trend that’s happening for the next 25 years around data and analytics there’s going to be more information in the hands of users,” Mathew said. “You want to be able to have an environment where the foundations for how trading platforms, for instance, are built, are simpler, more easily understandable.”

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Alteryx Analytics provides blending and analytics to more than 500 customers including Ford and McDonald’s. Mathew said the company seeks to eliminate the perception that Big Data analytics requires a deep programming background. For example, an energy company looking to buy or sell oil can at once consider multiple factors across the market, and generate a trade based on the outcome.

Yuri_Arcurs | iStock | Getty Images

Yuri_Arcurs | iStock | Getty Images

“They actually look at the information of how oil tankers are tracking via GPS across the world, what port of calls they’ve stopped in, which places they’ve actually entered, how much oil has been dispersed, and look at the supply of oil and make decisions on spot price of oil based on how that information’s actually being correlated,” Mathew said.

These analytics, Mathew explained, will ultimately level the playing field in the market.

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“I think over time you’re going to more computerized trading, but ideally with a more level playing field than there ever was before,” he said.