NBR’s Ultimate Stock Cup: Global Rivals: General Electric vs. Siemens

As countries battle it out in the World Cup for the ultimate prize in soccer, we decided to launch a competition of our own. Over the next four weeks we’ll take a look at 16 companies that battle it out everyday in the business world. Our fourth match up is General Electric versus Siemens. We want your take! Tell us your pick:

General Electric

Born: 1982

International Headquarters:  Fairfield, Connecticut

2013 Revenue: $146 billion 

General Electric is the last of the original 12 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average still listed. GE makes trains, jet engines, power turbines and medical devices, but in recent years its finance company has made up more than half its business.


Born: 1847

International Headquarters: Munich, Germany

2013 Revenue: more than $109 billion

GE’s German counterpart, Siemens, trades mostly in the German markets. Siemens and GE compete in many of the same fields, but Siemens is more of a global player, which is what made their intense rivalry to buy French power company Alstom so interesting. Alstom is well connected to markets like China and its the kind of company that can make GE more of an international powerhouse.

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