GM recalls 3.36 million cars for ignition issues

General Motors recalled 3.36 million 2000 to 2014 model-year cars to fix ignition key trouble and said it expects to take a charge of up to approximately $700 million in the second quarter as a result.

The company says the cars have ignition switches that can be jarred out of the “run” position potentially affecting power steering, power breaks and airbags.

The cars being recalled are the:

Buick Lacrosse MY 2005-2009
Chevrolet Impala MY 2006-2014
Cadillac Deville MY 2000–2005
Cadillac DTS MY 2004–2011
Buick Lucerne MY 2006–2011
Buick Regal LS & GS MY 2004–2005
Chevy Monte Carlo MY 2006–2008
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