Microsoft’s Xbox One joins the game

101172322-ToolXboxOne_240x160Microsoft officially launched the Xbox One on Friday in the United States and said it will retail for $499.99, $100 more than Sony‘s newly released PS4. This next generation console includes a built-in Kinect system, a Blu-ray Disc player, a wireless controller, one chat headset, an eight-core x86 processor, wireless networking connectivity and a HDMI cable.

Microsoft said on Saturday that more than 1 million Xbox One consoles have been sold worldwide since their midnight launch.

The company said that surpasses first-day sales of the Xbox 360, the previous-generation model that went on sale eight years ago. 

The new console was launched in 13 markets. The software giant said Friday that it sold had out at most retailers and that it is working to replenish stocks. It added that in the first day of game play, fans killed over 60 million zombies in “Dead Rising 3” and drove more than 3.6 million miles on “Forza Motorsport 5.”

The sales figure matches that of Sony Corp., which said last week that more than 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles had been sold in the 24 hours since its release.

Xbox One features 8GB of ram and a 500GB hard-drive, giving gamers plenty of memory for their games, demos, movies, apps, music and more. It also includes TV apps such as HBO Go, ESPN, Fox Now, and Netflix.

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The new gaming console comes with the SmartGlass companion application, which turns smartphones or tablets into second screens that can intelligently interact with the gamers’ Xbox One.

The release comes a week after Sony launched PS4.

—By CNBC’s Erika Santoro. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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