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What stocks would you like our market monitor guest to discuss this week?

Please submit your comments below and include your first name and state.

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  1. Brendan says:

    What do you think of National Oil Well Varco $NOV

  2. Matt Heidorn says:

    Dear NBR;I enjoy your show each week night and find it very informative.Can you please look at Seadrill ticker symbol SDRL and tell me about what the future looks like for the company and it dividend.Also British Petroleum.ticker symbol BP.whats your feeling on the stock price at the present time and the price in the future with the court rulings on the previous oil spill in the gulf. Thankyou;Matt MO.

  3. steven serra says:

    could you please comment on mgm resorts, steve from michigan

  4. Linda Camacho says:

    Saw your program for the first time tonite….new to the market. Bought Sony in Dec 2012 at 12 per share, now its over 21. Sell or hold on?

  5. Bob says:

    Where do you see Apple going for the remainder of the year? I bought it at $420/share a couple of months ago. Is it worth holding onto and if so, for how long?

  6. Robert J Barrett says:

    I would like your analysis of Boeing. The company has unprecedented backlog, costs seem controlled, future products are in demand and US carriers have aging fleets.
    Thank you, Robert Barrett Long Beach Ca. 90802

  7. Opal Atkinson says:

    Please discuss AI, Arlington Asset. The dividend is attractive but the stock has gone down. Also interested in AT&T and Raytheon.I enjoy your program and watch it every night.

    Thank you,
    Opal from CO

  8. Sandra Krause says:

    Holly Frontier HFC. Sandy. Michigan

    Love your program

  9. Hal Rattray says:

    Would like to hear thoughts on Stratasys Ltd, SSYS

  10. Bill - Tigard, Oregon says:

    I currently hold 1,000 shares of NLY. With the current interest rate enviornment, should I continue to hold the shares for my 13% dividend, buy more, sell some or all?

  11. Amy-California says:

    GAP has finally been showing improvement. Do you think it will continue to show growth or is it at the peak?

  12. ed says:

    Not related companies SYY CAT SLB what do you think of any or all?

  13. Arlen Koenigsreiter says:

    This week, I would like to hear your market monitor’s comments, thoughts, valuation, and near expectations of the stock: MGIC Investment Corp. (MTG). Thank you very much, First name: Arlen State: Wisconsin

  14. James Alderson says:

    What do you think about Walgreens (WAG)? It’s one of the country’s largest drugstore chains, but it just plods along. Do you think “Obamacare” will help the stock?

  15. Suresh, Chicago says:

    Stock ESI – ITT Education Services. It’s a low P/E stock, with lots of cash flow, but got creamed with the latest Dept of Education efforts to rough up the for-profit sector. The new student enrollments are going down, but with free cash flow in single multiples of price, is it a good pick? It is really volatile and how low can it go :)

  16. Richard Rice says:

    TICC Capital Corp. is a tempting buy with its low price and 12% yield, but is it a “good buy” for a small investor?

  17. Dan says:

    With Stabucks (SBUX) hitting a new all time high recently; does it have potential to reach $100 in the next 12 to 18 months?
    Sherwood Forest, CA

  18. Douglas Elquest says:

    Douglas in Denver asks
    Please cover the oil and gas shipping industry….companies have taken a beating
    like Ship Finance Ltd.(SFO), Frontline (FRO). Will they survive?

  19. Karl Anderson says:

    NTI, 21% yeild, too good to be true?
    Karl, NC

  20. Dan says:

    My brother-in-law who manages a couple of million, told me to dump my GBCI when it was 16. I held on to it, I like banks that lend money like Republicans used to. Where do you see this one going in the next year. Any other small banks with growth potential you would recommend?

  21. Paul Murray says:

    I’m interested in Kroger as a long term investment? Paul in Michigan

  22. Rob S. says:

    The global engineering and construction industry continues to slowly recover. What are your thoughts on infrastructure investments for the second half of the year and specifically Foster Wheeler AG, symbol FWLT.

    Rob, California

  23. Should you have time, please discuss the prospects for Corning (GLW), in addition to fiber optics cables, I think they are big in glass for Iphones and TV’s. Should I buy more or sell what I have.

    Richard in North Carolina

  24. Ginny Hall says:

    I understand you are limited in time for the Market Monitor portion of your nightly shows. If in your future NBR broadcasts, I would greatly appreciate your analysis and thoughts on the following stocks, mutual funds and ETFs:

    1. Dupont -symbol:DD
    2. Columbia Bank- symbol: COLB
    3. BHP Billiton PLC ADR-symbol:BBL
    4. Johnson Controls Inc- symbol: JCI

    Mutual Funds:
    1.Lord Abbett Short Duration Income C share- symbol:LDLAX
    2. Delaware Diversified A share-symbol: DPDFX
    3. Invesco Floating Rate Fund C share-symbol: AFRCX

    1.Pimco ETF 1-5 yr TIPS- symbol: STPZ
    2. Vanguard International Equity FTSE ETF- symbol:VEU

    Many thanks,

    Ginny Hall
    Bandon, Oregon

    P.S. BTW, Tyler and Susie, you guys rock!

  25. nicole says:

    I would also like to know if it is worth hanging onto apple’s stock. I thought the buyback is supposed to lift the prices of the shares, but the price seems to be dropping anyway. Analysts seem to be all over the board as to where the shares are headed and i’m not sure if I should hold on much longer. Am I better off investing my money somewhere else so that I can take part in this rally rather than sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting miserably? It’s not a good feeling seeing that a rising tide is floating all boats except for Apple’s.

  26. Clinton Dawkins says:

    MRO seems shaky, with the oversupply of WTI looks ready to repeat the collapse of other commodities. Will its increasing productions make up for the gloomy oil outlook?

  27. Jeff Mahoney says:

    What do you think about Regional Banks as a place for long term money? My favorite in this sector is Great Southern Bancorp (GSBC). Comments?

    Jeff in Missouri

  28. Barbara-Maine says:

    What do you think of Frontier Communications, and is the dividend safe ?

  29. Don from West chester says:

    Petrobas…..what do you think are its prospects?

  30. PDuffy says:

    How about MU?

  31. N says:

    What do you think of NFLX. Is there still room to grow?

  32. Peter, Tega Cay, SC says:

    What is the long-term outlook for IBM? I have a significant part of my portfolio in IBM, and it has been a good investment for me. Will it continue to be in the longer term. It appears that Warren Buffet thinks so, and they are in a growth industry for the 21st century.

  33. Michael Scott says:

    What do you think of NEE was FPL???????!!!!!!!!!

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