Bright Ideas: Building a Better Ballet Shoe

Dancer Eliza Gaynor Minden remembers pirouetting in pain, and was shocked to see ballet companies spend thousands of dollars on shoes that wore out after a performance. So, she decided to build a better shoe.

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  1. Kathy Sullivan says:

    Really great story!! Congratulations!!

  2. I love these shoes and have been using them since they were first introduced. I always wore Capezio Contempra for years when i danced in New York. I own a ballet studio in St. Davids, Ontario Canada and all of my students wear Gaynor Minden as well. They are quiet on stage, and seem to help all sorts of different feet get right up on pointe. Love them! Thank-You!

  3. Laura says:

    I am a great pointe shoe breaker, other brands just lasted me for about 6 months, since I decided to try Gaynor minden’s I began to expend less in shoes because they last me trough the entire year. Another thing I LOVE about this shoes is that they are ready to use, they’re soft and confortable, it’s not really necessary to “break” them and they aso don’t wear up the week after they are soft and delicious to step in. Thank you Eliza for creating the most confortable ballet shoes in the world! Greetings from Colombia!

  4. Andrea Cañon says:

    Gaynor Mindens are by far the best overall ballet pointe shoes. My feet and banking account were sooo thankful for them!

  5. Marcia Yomura says:

    I’ve been using Gaynor Minden for more than 15 years I guess. It changed my life! I’m not professional, but I enjoy ballet and has been practicing for more than 25 years… The first time I saw Gaynor was at Joinville International Festival. Whilst I was fishing for other shoes my mother stoped by a booth and read about all the technology and advantages of Gaynor. I was skeptic but decided to give a try and bought my first pair. Thanks God (and my mother) I bought it! It takes some classes for you to understand the point shoe dynamics, but once you get used.. you will not want any other point shoes. Gaynor is beautiful, you can adjust if you want it go further or hold, silent, does not get dirty so easyly, it’s washable and really lasts for years. The future has arrived!

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