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Tonight on NBR, we step back and take a look at whether U.S. stocks can continue to move higher, or whether now is a time of market consolidation.

Call me old school, but I just can’t wrap my crusty old brain around the idea that the Fed Chairman meets the press regularly. Can you imagine Volcker doing it?

I get what the Mayor is trying to do…I confess, though, I’m conflicted about whether the kind of ban the Mayor proposed is the best way to promote better eating and drinking choices.

That little country, about the size of Vermont with the population of San Diego, stole the headlines this weekend with – what else? – a story about a controversial plan to bail out its banks.

It looks like today may be the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average breaks its eight-day win streak and ends with a loss.

Tonight a new chapter begins, but the program you have come to trust endures.