After-hours buzz: Google, Amex, IBM & More

Check out which companies are making headlines after the bell Wednesday: Google - The Internet-search engine posted first-quarter earnings of $6.27 a share, excluding items, on $15.42 billion in revenue, versus estimates calling for EPS of $6.41 on $15.54 billion in sales. Its shares fell 5.8 percent in after-hours trading. Facebook - The social-networking site fell, along with other …

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Tonight: Stocks rallied and stayed there after Fed Chief Janet Yellen spoke. What did she say that the market seems to like?

Nightly Business Report — April 16, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report.. Stocks rallied and stayed there after Fed Chief Janet Yellen spoke. What did she say that the market seems to like? And, why the usually staid and slow-moving utility sector is leading the way on Wall Street this year.


Today’s stock stories: AXP, BAC, SODA, GPS & UNH.


Stocks rallied and stayed there after Fed Chief Janet Yellen spoke. What did she say that the market seems to like?


Insurance is a different kind of product. You need it to get a mortgage and you’re supposed to have it to drive a car. That’s why the industry is highly regulated.  You might not like the price you pay for your home or auto insurance policy, but by law those premiums must be based on …


Reforms in the New York budget that simplified the tax code have made that state a better place for corporations to do business, according to analysis from the Tax Foundation in Washington, D.C., Crain’s reports. The state’s overall tax climate improved by two slots to 48th in the nation from dead last. Best, Worst US Cities …


Girls and money smarts: perfect together. Sure, women make up just 24 percent of workers in so-called STEM fields—those that deal with science, technology, engineering, and math. And women are scarce in the leadership ranks of finance. But when it comes to planning financially for the future, girls are at least as financially savvy as boys. At …


The latest earnings report from Bank of America is the new definition of the word “noisy.” That’s how one leading analyst described the numbers, which seemed open to wide interpretation because of billions of dollars in litigation charges. Excluding one-time items, BofA said Wednesday it made 14 cents a share in the first quarter—which compares with consensus …


Parents around the globe consider the U.S. one of the most attractive places to send their kids to university, but U.S. parents aren’t quite as sure it’s the best option, a survey from HSBC found. “Despite the rapid growth of China and India in recent years, parents still hold the Western education system in highest …


With the Federal Reserve scaling back its massive bond-buying program, the likelihood of higher interest rates is causing a fair amount of hand-wringing. Many investors have spent a great deal of time agonizing over what rising rates will do to their bond portfolios, but there are many other considerations. That’s because higher rates, financial advisors …


Ukraine’s “special operation” against pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country has led to heightened concerns of all-out violence in the troubled region. While Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the Kiev government for the action, warning that Ukraine was on the verge of a civil war, western leaders have been lining up to condemn …


Samsung Electronics is spending more to build its new flagship Galaxy S5 than the previous model despite a slowdown in the high-end smartphone market. The 32-Gigabyte Galaxy S5, which is water resistant and features a heart-rate monitor and fingerprint scanner, costs an “astronomical” $256.52 to build, according to teardown analysis by IHS. The model, which was …

Tax fraud

It’s income tax day and if you’ve left your electronic filing until today, you could be in for a rude awakening. Not your tax bill, but the fact that someone might have already claimed your refund. Identity thieves are still plaguing the tax system and if you think you’re not at risk, think again.

Mary Barra speaks

Late today at the New York Auto Show, the CEO of General Motors announced a new initiative to focus on product safety. In her first appearance since her congressional testimony on the huge ignition switch recall, Mary Barra said the new group, called Global Product Integrity will involve a new way of developing vehicles.