Today’s stock stories: MSFT, YHOO, BLK, PM & MAT.

Alyssa Kirsten
At their shop AHeirloom, Amy Stringer-Mowat and Bill Mowat craft popular, state-shaped wood cutting boards.

Online marketplace Etsy, which has made a name for itself showcasing handcrafted goods, moved beyond kitsch Thursday and debuted its IPO at $31 a share. Not bad for an e-commerce platform that so far hasn’t posted a profit and sells handmade items, ranging from baby clothes to state-shaped cheese boards. The question now is whether …


Even wealthier Americans are struggling to save enough for retirement, according to a new survey. The report, released Thursday by SunTrust, found that even among households with incomes of $75,000 or more, roughly a third live paycheck to paycheck at least some of the time, and one-fourth of those with incomes of $100,000 or more …

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Stanley Fischer

Although the first quarter of the year was “poor,” an economic rebound is already underway in the U.S., according to Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer. The central banker acknowledged in a Thursday interview that most expect the Fed to raise interest rates sometime this year, but he attempted to assure markets that such a …

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Google cofounder and CEO Larry Page speaks during the Google I/O Annual Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Google could be forced to change how it displays its search results in Europe if regulators get their way, and that could impact the company’s bottom line. (Tweet This) “As Google looks to grow by launching more products, it will no longer be able to take for granted its access to the market and will …

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Copper water pipes.

Farmers in rural Madera County, California, are worried about water—no surprise considering the state’s intense drought. But now they have something else to concern them: copper. The red metal’s overall scarcity and its wide range of uses make it more profitable to steal than most other metals. Copper prices have fallen from highs reached in …

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Party City employee revelers celebrate outside the New York Stock Exchange, prior to the company's IPO, Thursday, April 16, 2015.

Party supplies chain Party City is going to need more balloons. (Tweet This) The company went public Thursday, with shares rising more than 20 percent after pricing its initial public offering at $17. (Where’s the stock now? Click here) Buyout firm Thomas H. Lee Partners will still own a bit more than half of the …

Source: Ben & Jerry’s
Ben & Jerry's BRRR-ito

Looking for a new spin on the familiar waffle cone? On April 20, Ben & Jerry’s is rolling out another way for customers to eat ice cream, called the BRRR-ito. (Tweet this) The new dish consists of two scoops of ice cream wrapped in a crepe, topped with crumbled cookie and drizzled with chocolate fudge. …


If you’re in your late 40s or 50s, you may be wondering if there is a way to retire early. Nearly three out of 10 workers expect to retire before they’re 65, according the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Unfortunately, many Americans are financially unprepared to retire at all. A new survey finds 40 percent of …

Harriet Taylor | CNBC
Signs referring to the water shortage in Kettleman, California's Central Valley.

If you tuned in to talk radio in Los Angeles last week, you might have heard some screaming. “The farming industry is using 80 percent of the water, and they’re 2 percent of the economy, justify that!” shouted John Kobylt of KFI radio’s “John and Ken Show.” Kobylt was ripping into Brad Gleason, who manages …

Mark Ovaska | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Etsy shares more than doubled in its first day of trading Thursday after pricing its IPO at $16 a share. The stock opened at $31 and touched a high of $34.54 on the Nasdaq. What is the stock doing now? (Get the latest quote here.) Read More Is Etsy the next eBay, Amazon or dot-com bust? …

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Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

U.S. stocks opened lower on Thursday, following a decline in European equities, as investors digested domestic data and eyed renewed concerns about Greece. “The real disappointment here is housing starts, again (showing) very mixed signals from the housing market,” said Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Rockwell Global Capital. “That coupled with renewed concerns over …

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