Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday said in an op-ed in Bloomberg Businessweek that “I’m proud to be gay,” addressing rumors about his sexual orientation. “While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now,” he said in his commentary. “So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and …

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A person prepares use the Google search engine.

When Google Capital, an equity fund backed by the Internet search behemoth, announced last spring that it would sink $50 million into Auction.com, housing watchers were left scratching their heads. What would Google want with an online real estate auction company? The answer is now clear: Data. And it goes both ways. Auction.com is launching a …

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Small business owner

As the Federal Reserve wraps up its two-day meeting and investors search for clues about future interest rates, one business group won’t be on the edge of its seats: Main Street businesses. Low interest rates and an improving overall economy, on the surface, should lure businesses to borrow and spend. But gains in new jobs …

Facebook and Twitter face similar challenges

Twitter and Facebook are two very different businesses, but they’re both struggling with some of the same issues.

Fed ends QE: what’s next for housing?

What happens to the housing market now that the Federal Reserve’s stimulus program is over?

Did quantitative easing work?

The Federal Reserve ends its bond-buying program, but did the historic move to stimulate the economy work?

Federal Reserve ends stimulus program

The Federal Reserve ended its bond-buying program, upgraded its assessment of the economy and pledged to keep interest rates low for a considerable time.

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Tonight: The Federal Reserve ends its bond-buying program, but did the historic move to stimulate the economy work?

Nightly Business Report — October 29, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the Federal Reserve ends its bond-buying program, but did the historic move to stimulate the economy work? And, what happens to the housing market now that the central bank’s stimulus program is over?


Today’s stock stories: WLP, HSY, RL, KRFT, IBM & TWTR.

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The Federal Reserve building in Washington, October 28, 2014.

This is a breaking news story. Check back here for updates. The Federal Reserve was expected to end the third leg of quantitative easing at this week’s meeting. The U.S. central bank had been buying $15 billion a month in Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities as part of a program that had swelled its balance sheet …


One of Apple‘s competitors in the mobile payment space sent out an email Wednesday telling users it has been breached, CNBC confirmed. CurrentC, which is a mobile payment system backed the Mercantile Exchange, sent out an email to its pilot users stating that an unauthorized third party had obtained email addresses of some of its …

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Image from video showing Sprout by HP

Hewlett-Packard is finally getting into 3-D printing. The company revealed a 3-D printer on Wednesday that it promises will be 10 times faster than any others on the market, as well as produce higher quality items. “It’s not just a 3-D printer, it’s a tool to trigger the next Industrial Revolution,” said Dion Weisler, HP’s …

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Operation Board Game

‘Operation’ game inventor can’t afford his own surgery Fifty years ago, John Spinello, a student at the University of Illinois, invented the board game ‘Operation’ which lets kids pretend to be surgeons. Now at the age of 77, Spinello can’t afford his own real-life operation, reports Huffington Post. The oral surgery that he needs will …

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A Bank of American branch office in Oakland, Calif.

The end of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program and its fight against “too big to fail” banks are on a collision course in the bond market. When quantitative easing ends in October, the market for Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities will see its biggest net buyer stepping back. But because of new regulations requiring the …