Consumer Reports’ auto reliability rankings

For the first time ever, “Consumer Reports” put a domestic automaker among the three most reliable auto brands in the U.S.

Media mergers: who’s next?

As merger and acquisition activity picks up, who might be next in the media and communications industry? Julia Boorstin takes a look.

Profit rises at Visa

Aditi Roy reports the latest on Visa’s quarterly earnings.

Nightly Business Report – October 24, 2016

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the challenges AT&T and Time Warner face to get their $85 billion deal done.
Plus, the American automaker that did something no domestic carmaker has done in three decades.


U.S. equities closed higher amid a plethora of corporate news, but gains were subdued by a rising dollar and falling oil prices.


It’s time to get real about an emergency fund. Here’s how much you need to save and how to save it.


Angela Silverstein made $13,000 in 5 minutes, tax-free, no risk. You may be able to also. How? State-level unclaimed fund offices.


AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson tells CNBC the telecommunications giant’s mega-deal to buy Time Warner is a “pure vertical integration.”


After weeks of ugly headlines, the worst of the fallout may just be starting for Wells Fargo, according to a new study on the bank’s troubles.

McDonald’s turnaround plan pays out

Susan Li reports the details of McDonald’s better-than-expected earnings.


Tonight on Nightly Business Report, a lot of reports of big name companies getting together. What would that mean for the changing face of several industries?
Plus, why investors cheered McDonald’s earnings but jeered GE’s results.

Market Monitor: Mark Lehmann

Our market monitor likes cloud computing and social media companies. He has names of companies he says reflect the new reality of tech.

Is a deal near for Time Warner and AT&T?

Time Warner and AT&T have reportedly entered into talks regarding a potential tie-up. Sue Herera reports.

Battleground Arizona

Arizona usually votes Republican, but this year it is a battleground state for a change. Contessa Brewer reports from Phoenix.

General Electric posts sluggish quarter

Despite topping street estimates, General Electric posted sluggish financial results. Seema Mody reports.