Where The Jobs Are

Job gains in the services sectors continued to rocket higher in April as hiring remained hot for computer system designers, social workers and health-care professionals. Manufacturing, on the other hand, posted a third straight month of lackluster employment figures.

Kate Rogers reports on the aviation industry’s growing need for mechanics, and what one New York high school is doing to help close the gap.

Kate Rogers looks at what it takes to get a job with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Such a tight labor market makes finding skilled workers tougher in manufacturing and other industries.

Genetic counseling has grown dramatically in the past decade, touching all aspects of health-care as medicine becomes more personalized.

In an increasingly globalized economy, companies and government agencies alike need more translators and interpreters.

A growing shortage of educators is adding pressure to a group that advocates say is already spread too thin in schools across the country.

Kate Rogers visits the the operations of the nation’s largest military shipbuilding company, as it prepares to hire thousands of employees over the next few years.

One of Trump’s priorities is to expand the Navy. That likely means more jobs for shipbuilders after years of stagnation.

Kate Rogers reports on the potential job growth the construction industry may see under a Trump administration.

The U.S. Border Patrol is hiring, but as Kate Rogers reports, the agency is having a tough time finding new recruits.

With more than eleven million jobs created over the past eight years, the labor market appears to be solid. But as Sue Herera reports, not every American has benefited.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is looking to hire more than 1,000 new workers. But as Kate Rogers reports, the agency is having a tough time finding recruits.

The marijuana industry employs some 150,000 people, and analysts project that number could double or even triple in the years to come.

Kate Rogers takes a look at what it takes to become a secret service agent, as the law enforcement agency looks to train more recruits.