Almost every room of Ed Brown’s 40,000-square-foot oceanfront home has a bottle of Patron tequila — including many of the 16 bathrooms.

Wealthy Americans are pumped about Trump and are planning major changes to their investment portfolios: CNBC Millionaire Survey.

Millionaire investors were evenly split this election, but nearly two-thirds now say Donald Trump will be good for their investments.

Wealthy car collectors will converge on Pebble Beach, California, this week for the scenic community’s annual auction of collectible cars.

The UK’s vote to exit the European Union is expected to pressure results at this week’s London auctions.

A Frida Kahlo painting has sold for just over $8 million at auction, a world auction record for the late Mexican artist.

Lucara Diamond has sold its 813-carat diamond for a record-breaking $63.1M, and is due to sell an even larger diamond in June.

As part of its efforts to downplay inequality, China’s media regulator has just banned the children of celebrities from appearing on reality television.

Private jets are expected to descend on the San Francisco Bay area for Super Bowl 50, making it one of the biggest private jet events of the year.

The ultimate bachelor pad is up for sale — with the ultimate former bachelor included — Hugh Hefner.

Advisers and chief investment officers working for the world’s wealthiest investors forecast that volatility will remain a key theme in 2016.

America’s rich have a sober outlook on the U.S. economy headed into 2016, with more millionaires assuming another year with a flat S&P 500 index leading to a lower personal rate of return and a majority belief among millionaires that household income will remain the same. Meanwhile, the rich are concentrating investments in only a …

Only 44 percent of global billionaires in 1995 maintained that status through 2014.

The real wealth gap in America isn’t between the 99 percent and the 1 percent. It’s between the 0.00001 percent and everybody else. A new study from the Institute for Policy Studies left-leaning think tank says the richest 400 Americans have a combined net worth of $2.34 trillion — equal to that of the bottom …

Prices for luxury homes posted their first drop since 2012, suggesting the top of the market may be getting too rich even for the rich. According to the Redfin real estate company, prices for luxury homes — defined as the top 5 percent of each of the 600-plus U.S. markets it measures — fell an …