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Soda wars bubble up

Shares of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters soared on a deal with Coca-Cola that could change the way we drink beverages.


With stock market gains of 25 percent this year, many investors may be wondering when is a good time to sell a stock and how do you determine which ones?


Five years after Madoff, victims of his $65 billion Ponzi scheme recall the long road back and the uncertainty that lies ahead.


General Motors shatters the glass ceiling by naming a female chief executive – the first ever in global automotive history. How much progress has really been made for women in the workplace?


Another delay on another key element of the new health care law, this time for small business. Who will this impact and what does this mean for as we approach the November 30th deadline? For this story and more tune in tonight.


Gold is down sharply this year and Goldman Sachs predicts the down trend will continue. Tonight we ask if gold is a safe haven, or a bad bet? For this story and more tune in tonight.

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Goldman Sachs predicts a “significant decline” in gold in 2014, following losses of around 26 percent in the previous metal so far this year. Bullion is set to fall at least 15 percent next year, the bank said in a report of the top 10 market themes for 2014 this week, which warned of the growing downside …

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Improved fuel efficiency is one of the easiest and practical solutions society can implement to combat climate change, but its unintended consequences are large: potholes and shaky bridges all across the U.S. map. That’s because more efficient cars means barren fuel-tax coffers, which traditionally have funded bridge and road infrastructure. The federal gas tax of …


A lot of homeowners still owe more on their loans than their homes are worth, but there may be new way to protect consumers against negative equity. For this story and more tune in tonight.

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Fast-rising home prices brought more borrowers up from underwater in the third quarter of this year than at any time since the housing recovery began. In the quarter, 1.4 million borrowers came into a positive equity position, and nearly 5 million have recovered since the crash. “We should feel good that we’re moving in the …


A ‘Great Rotation’ out of bonds into stocks is only just underway and is setting up to be one of the major investment themes of 2014, strategists say. Equities, boosted by monetary stimulus from central banks and a recovery in the global economy, are the best performing asset class so far in 2013. U.S. stocks …


They say all real estate is local, but the West has more recently been an indicator of what is to come for the rest of the nation. It was the first region to crash in the mid-2000′s and the first to show signs of recovery toward the end of the last decade. Now the tides …


The competition is on. As shoppers embark on a value hunt this shortened holiday season, major retailers are in a dogfight for consumer dollars—extending store hours, opening on Thanksgiving Day and cutting prices. But after a failed rebranding effort hatched by former CEO Ron Johnson, J.C. Penney isn’t just trying to offer good deals but to clear …


Amazon may be adding a line of private-label food products to its family of in-house brands, and may weave them into its recently launched grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh.  Jason Del Rey reported in AllThingsD on several recent Amazon job listings seeking managers and higher-level executives for its private-label business, which already sells Amazon-branded computer keyboards, audio cables and …


What challenges does Microsoft’s future CEO face? What does a boost in home remodeling tell us about the economy? What are the details behind JP Morgan’s record settlement?