Wall Street


“The market has been pricing in a closer election all summer,” Strategas’s head of policy research tells CNBC.


According to primary voting exit polls in New York, 63% of Democrats and 49% of Republican voters agreed that Wall Street is hurting the economy more than it’s helping


It’s going to take longer on Wall Street to pick up a full bonus check, if the National Credit Union Administration gets its way.

Wall Street bonuses set to fall

Most Wall Street bonuses are expected to dip this year. Mary Thompson explains why.


Wal-Mart’s stock meltdown on Wednesday sent jitters throughout markets as investors tried to glean any larger trends about the American consumer. The retail giant cut its forecast for the full year, pushing the shares to their worst day in more than 25 years on a percentage basis. Read More Wal-Mart just raised the stakes for everybody …

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U.S. stocks jumped in the open on Wednesday, attempting for a second day to bounce from a recent plunge, as investors eyed stimulus moves out of China and U.S. data. “It looks just like yesterday at this time where things are weaker (in) general overseas, but people look optimistic at the open,” said Randy Frederick, …

Wall Street impacts Main Street

Eamon Javers finds out how Main Street feels about what’s happening on Wall Street.


For years, Piper Jaffray has been one of the biggest bulls on Wall Street, and with good reason. This week, though, amid market carnage not seen since the financial crisis, the firm has decided it’s seen enough. Piper finally slashed its uber-optimistic market call for 2015, cutting its S&P 500 price target from what now …

Earnings buoyed by buybacks?

As investors and Wall Street focus on earnings and especially earnings per share, Bob Pisani explains why those critical numbers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.


U.S. stocks fell about 1 percent on Tuesday, with the S&P 500 falling below its 200-day moving average, as investors awaited developments in the Greece debt crisis. ( Tweet This ) The S&P 500 fell below that key level for its first time since October 20, joining the Dow Jones industrial average in negative territory …

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Bill Gross

Bill Gross thinks conditions are ripe for a significant liquidity crisis in the markets, and he points a finger at his old firm for its potential to be at the center of the storm. In his monthly note to investors, the Janus Capital Group fund manager said there are six specific triggers for such an …

What to watch this week

Stocks start the week under pressure amid concerns over Greece and tomorrow the focus turns to the Fed.

Stars trade stocks for charity

Bob Pisani reports from BTIG’s annual charity day, where celebrity A-listers helped the Wall Street firm give back.

Preet Bharara’s setback

Preet Bharara suffered a potential setback last week and it has the potential to undo other insider trading cases he thought he’d won.

Jobs report fallout

Why is bad news for the economy so often good news on Wall Street?