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Even as oil prices fall back below $50 a barrel, gas prices are going in the other direction. Jackie DeAngelis explains why.

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Janet Yellen

Fed Chair Janet Yellen described how the central bank’s rate-setting policy committee will likely proceed in coming months— an effort to increase the Fed’s flexibility and mute any potential market reaction as the central bank approaches its liftoff date for rate increases. Her remarks struck a decidedly dovish tone in indicating that it would be …


West Coast dockworkers and their employers have not yet reached a labor deal, a source close to the talks said Friday, shooting down earlier reports to the contrary. The Journal of Commerce reported early Friday that there was a deal, though the well-respected industry publication took the story down minutes later. Any arrangement would end …

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Employees assist shoppers at the check out counter of a Walmart store in Los Angeles.

When the biggest retailer in the world talks wages, other companies are going to listen. Wal-Mart‘s shock announcement Thursday that it is going to begin increasing the minimum wage for its employees sparked hopes that a movement toward higher pay for those at the the lower rungs would gain momentum. If so, that would generate long-awaited …


Wal-Mart will give a half-million employees pay raises, the discount retail giant said Thursday as it announced a mixed quarterly earnings report. Hourly workers will earn at least $1.75 above the current federal minimum wage, or $9 per hour, in April. By next February, it will rise to at least $10 per hour. Some jurisdictions …

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President Barack Obama has long since passed the point when Congress would readily enact policies he favors. But by dissecting the forces underlying middle class income stagnation, he seeks to shape what Washington does about it—now or later. That’s the significance of the 2015 Economic Report of the President released by the White House on …

Where is the money going?

Retail sales fell in January, so where is all the money consumers are saving on gas going?

Insuring the sharing economy

The sharing economy is giving rise to a new population, willing to drive, deliver and rent their homes to earn money. These fast-growing ventures involve risk, creating opportunity to insure these types of businesses.

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Ships gather off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., as a sailboat makes it way past them in this aerial photo taken Feb. 6, 2015.

Retailers’ anxiety levels are rising as gridlock grinds on with contract negotiations between West Coast dockworkers and port terminal operators. It has been a long nine months for those dealing directly, or indirectly, with the lack of a West Coast port contract, and after a temporary shutdown over the weekend, retail lobby groups and consultants …

Merkel and Obama meet

President Obama met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to find common ground on some divisive issues.

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A worker installs brake cables at the Bicycle Corporation of America plant in Manning, South Carolina.

The unemployment rate edged higher but the U.S. economy added a better-than-expected 257,000 jobs in January, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number of new jobs created in January was expected to total 234,000, while the unemployment rate was seen coming in at 5.6 percent. Full-time workers surged, gaining …

U.S. economic growth slows

The U.S. economy didn’t expand by as much as economists thought it would in the fourth quarter, but one voting member of the Federal Reserve isn’t concerned.

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Ford worker on the assembly line at the Ford Dearborn Truck Plant, Dearborn, Michigan.

Investment advisors are less bullish on the economy than they were a year ago, according to a new survey, but their outlook on U.S. financial markets remains largely positive. The latest TD Ameritrade Institutional RIA Sentiment Survey, released Thursday, found 2014 was a strong year for registered investment advisors who saw double-digit growth in clients, …

Hotel industry summit

Simon Hobbs is at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit where executives are very optimistic about the hotel industry’s future.

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A delivery man weathers the storm during a blizzard in New York.

This week’s winter storm fell far short of its “historic” billing, but the financial losses from the response could be much more severe. Although firm estimates will need to gauge how quickly businesses are able to reopen after a driving ban and public-transportation stop ground much of the region’s economies to a halt, it is …