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Syrian refugees in the U.S.

How does a refugee enter the U.S. and what systems are in place to help them integrate into the American economy? Dina Gusovsky reports.

Chance of Fed hike gaining steam

The Federal Reserve sends its clearest signal yet that a December rate hike is likely.

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Job seekers meet with a Sacramento Police Department recruiter during the Hiring Our Heroes Job Fair at AT&T Park on August 25, 2015, in San Francisco.

The unemployment rate for veterans has dropped to its lowest level in seven years, thanks to an all-hands-on-deck push by government and corporate America to hire veterans. According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the jobless rate for veterans — a population of nearly 20 million— dropped to 3.9 …

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Janet Yellen

If the Federal Reserve opts not to raise interest rates in December, it won’t be over calendar or political concerns. With arguments against an increase in the key funds rate dissipating, two of the remaining concerns are that Fed officials would be reticent to hike in December, when a move could have outsized effects due …


Job growth surged in October, rebounding from a late-summer slowdown that raised concerns about whether global slowness was infecting the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that nonfarm payrolls grew 271,000 for the month, a sharp jump from weak August and September numbers. The headline unemployment rate declined to 5.0 percent. A broader …

Container shipping sump

It’s the busiest season of the year for the shipping industry and its biggest carrier is issuing a profit warning.


Private job gains edged lower in October, with companies adding 182,000 new positions as economic growth cooled, according to a report from ADP and Moody’s Analytics. The growth actually was a shade better than the 180,000 expected, according to FactSet, but was in keeping with a reduced pace of employment growth across the U.S. economy. …


Conventional wisdom holds that the millennial generation, influenced by the 9/11 attacks, burdened with student debt and reared in a world of high-speed mobile devices, is a unique group of young people. But a special CNBC All-America Economic Survey focusing on millennials finds that while the generation has some unique characteristics, young people today in …


The shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. is driving salaries higher, with gains up to 12 percent over the past year. Average pay for long-haul truckers jumped 17 percent since the end of 2013 to a record average of $57,000 in 2015, according to the National Transportation Institute. The surge comes as U.S. employment …

Economic growth slows

What caused the economy to slow considerably in the third quarter?

December rate hike in play

The Federal Reserve gives investors a big hint about when it may raise interest rates for the first time in about a decade.


Wage levels of American workers continued to diverge last year, as a greater share of overall earnings came from the highest earners. The median earnings of American workers were about $29,850 last year, up about 6 percent from 2013, according to data released this week by the Social Security Administration. But the distribution of earnings …

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William C. Dudley, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

A closely followed Fed official said Thursday that he would favor a rate hike this year if the economy performs in line with forecasts. However, William Dudley said that recent economic news did suggest the economy is slowing. Earlier, he said the central bank should favor a flexible approach to monetary policy. In remarks for …

Economic optimism

How do average Americans feel about the economy and the stock market?

Americans are spending their gas savings

Steve Liesman takes a look at how lower gas prices are impacting consumer spending.