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Yesterday, the Fed upgraded its outlook for the U.S. economy and said it could hike rates sooner, depending on how closely the economic data improves. That’s why everyone was watching today’s first look at Q3 GDP. The headline number was stronger than expected at 3.5 percent. But below the hood, business and real estate investment …

Federal Reserve ends stimulus program

The Federal Reserve ended its bond-buying program, upgraded its assessment of the economy and pledged to keep interest rates low for a considerable time.

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An oil refinery in Kenai, Alaska.

The recent drop in oil prices is providing relief to consumers’ budgets in the form of lower gasoline prices. But if you happen to live in a region that’s a big energy producer, falling oil prices may soon take a bite out of your state’s budget. Take Alaska. The state, which relies on oil taxes …

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Tony Alvarez fills water containers at Tulare County Fire Station 20 in Porterville, Calif., Oct. 21, 2014.

With surface water supplies decimated from the ongoing drought, more Californians are forced to use groundwater. But groundwater is unsafe for nearly 800,000 residents, according to the state’s water resources control board. This problem is the longtime contamination from nitrates and arsenic. That’s meant less drinkable water in California’s struggle to survive more than three years …

Industries most impacted by drought

Jane Wells tells us the surprising companies and sectors most at risk as the California drought drags on.

Rail gridlock

With more goods moving across the country by rail, gridlock has become a big problem and its costing rail operators billions of dollars.

Caterpillar reaps big Q3 profit

Caterpillar was the biggest gainer in the Dow after the company reported quarterly earnings that topped estimates.

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An employee arranges flat screen television inventory at the ABT Inc. warehouse in Glenview, Illinois.

A gauge designed to predict the economy’s future health rose in September, reversing the prior month’s sluggishness amid a broad-based pick up in economic activity. The Conference Board says its index of leading indicators rose 0.8 percent last month, the eighth straight increase. But that was much slower than the revised 1.1 percent gain in …

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Here’s where a $40 billion trade deficit comes in handy. Because the U.S. has such a sharp imbalance between what it imports and exports, expected global weakness ahead likely won’t have a severe effect on domestic economic growth, according to a report this week from Goldman Sachs economists. In fact, Goldman held firm to its …

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How many bottles of water go in that beer on the wall? A lot. “Beer has to have water,” said Luis Cayo, general manager for the Anheuser-Busch brewery in Los Angeles, which has survived many droughts over the last 60 years. “The amount of water in a standard can of beer is about 92 percent.” This …

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Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe

It seems like a sin of nature that trees may be adding to the misery of California’s extreme drought. But that may be the case, according to researchers from the University of California. The problem is with forests that have grown denser with trees and brush over time in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. What’s good …

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If there’s one thing we can take away from this week’s stock market dive that sent the Dow down more than 866 points and 5 percent in five days, it’s that American’s are feeling a little jittery. After five years of economic uncertainty, it finally feels as if things are back on track, yet many …

Deflation concerns

The potential for deflation is grabbing the attention of central bankers from around the globe. What exactly is deflation and why are experts worried? Steve Liesman explains.

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Mark Cuban

Instead of taxes, jobs or government spending billionaire investor Mark Cuban said tackling the $1 trillion student debt crisis would be most effective in saving the U.S. economy. The burden of loans is curtailing college graduates’ purchasing power that could stimulate the economy, Cuban said at Inc.’s GrowCo conference. “That’s the same money that, when …

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Copies of President Barack Obama’s proposed budget plan for fiscal year 2014 are on display at the U.S. Government Printing Office in Washington.

For the moment, it looks like the government is doing a better job managing the way it spends your tax dollars. But with interest rates expected to start rising soon, the good news is only temporary. The level of government overspending—usually referred to as the budget deficit—fell by nearly a third during the fiscal year …