US Economy

Joining us on the show is David Dietze, President & Chief Investment Strategist at Point View Wealth Management, who gives us his analysis on what investors should be on the lookout for during this Q3 earnings season.

The Salesforce CEO is the latest business leader to say the capitalism system needs a reboot. This follows recent comments from Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Democratic Presidential Nominee Senator Bernie Sanders about the amount of money billionaires are making. Does capitalism need a reboot? Joining us in this roundtable discussion is Erik Gordon, Professor at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director at Center for Economic & Policy Research.

A fundamental shift in the spending habits of U.S. millennials will have an incredible impact on the world’s largest economy, according to the CEO of Smead Capital Management.

There are lots of opportunities to work in government — and they don’t require a relocation to Capitol Hill.

The Fed is trying to figure out how much free internet services are worth to the economy.

Joining us on the show is Eric Marshall, a Portfolio Manager at Hodges Capital, who gives us his tips on what investors should do in a low interest rate environment.

Joining us on the show is Marguerita Cheng, CEO at Blue Ocean Global Wealth, who gives us tips on what you should know if your employer changes the terms of your retirement plan.

We have a special report from Wyoming, the heart of coal country, where our Scott Cohn tells us President Trump’s promises to save the country’s coal industry is facing a roadblock – the free market.

Steve Liesman reports on the latest comments Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made and why it’s important to investors.

Joining on the show is Jeff Saut, a Market Strategist at Capital Wealth Planning, who believes that despite all of the market challenges we are seeing he believes it’s still a bullish market out there.

The Federal Reserve will soon start growing its balance sheet again, a response in part to the jolt to overnight lending markets in September, Chairman Jerome Powell said Tuesday.

Duke University professor Campbell Harvey says the bond yield curve is “flashing code red” for a recession.

Most people remember their first summer or after-school job, which provided cash to help pay for college or a car.

Today, vehicles and higher education — among other expenses — cost significantly more. Yet fewer teenagers are working.

The so-called hard data, which refers to concrete numbers about the economy such as unemployment and retail sales, continue to reflect economic strength.

The unemployment rate hits a 50-year low and stocks ended the volatile week on a high note. Steve Liesman has more for us.