Tonight on Nightly Business Report, stocks tumble as bond yields rise and tech earnings could be the next test for the market.

Plus, the new push on Capitol Hill to lower the price of prescription drugs.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, stocks have their longest streak of closing records in 20 years

Plus, did you know you can crowdfund the down payment for your home?

President Donald Trump appears to have painted himself into a corner: He must now follow up on his pledge of hitting North Korea with “fire and fury,” or he risks further blowing U.S. credibility. Kim Jong-un’s regime said late on Tuesday that it may strike Guam. That came shortly after Trump warned Pyongyang it would …

Under Armour said its board has approved a restructuring plan, “to better serve the evolving needs of the changing consumer and customer landscape.”

West Virginia’s economy was hit hard with the decline in coal mining. It remains to be seen if Gov. Justice can revitalize the state.

Walgreens Boots Alliance canceled its previous merger deal with Rite Aid and replaced it with a new agreement, which also impacts Fred’s.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, oil prices drop to their lowest levels of the year and there’s a chance the decline could deepen. Plus, Amazon is sending another chill through the retail sector.

Mizuho downgraded Apple to neutral from buy Sunday. Nasdaq 100 futures pointed to more losses Monday.

Robert Frank takes a look at several high-ticket items this weekend’s Powerball winner can now afford.

Tonight on a special edition of Nightly Business Report, will the stock market heat up this summer along with the temperatures? And meet the entrepreneurs who are giving back to help those who defended our country.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, why markets are turning a deaf ear to any bad news. And, is now the best time to build a mall along the U.S. – Mexico border?

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, what might happen to the number of uninsured if the Republican-backed health care bill becomes law? Plus, why some truckers are getting new, potentially lucrative perks.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the Fed spoke and stocks gave up their gains in dramatic fashion. Plus, why a little known European investment firm is paying a lot of money for Panera Bread.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, is the auto sales boom coming to an end?
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Tonight on Nightly Business Report.. Who wins and who loses under the new Republican health care plan?
Plus, why one of the world’s largest asset managers wants to see more women in corporate boardrooms.