The three “legs” of the retirement “stool” (private savings, pensions, and Social Security) are all in dire shape.

NBR: 3/29 Guest: Kenny Polcari, ButcherJoseph Asset Management Polcari’s market outlook: Robust jobs market, wages are rising, consumer debt is low and there will be first half benefit from TCJA (effective elimination of AMT and increase in child deduction) as well as lower interest rates all increasing cash in the consumer’s pocket.  While consumer confidence …

Global investing maven Mark Mobius had unforgiving words for the U.K.’s leadership ahead of crucial Brexit votes this week.

Tonight on a special edition of Nightly Business Report, the economy created far fewer jobs than expected last month. Is it a sign of peak employment?

Plus, if you’re a homeowner you might be a whole lot richer now than you were a year ago.

Kayla Tausche recaps the economic issues President Trump outlined during Tuesday’s State of the Union speech.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, President Trump and Congress reach an agreement to end the partial government shutdown – at least for now.

ANNOUNCER:  This is NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT with Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera.   SUE HERERA, NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT ANCHOR:  Retail gloom.  Low unemployment and strong consumer confidence was supposed to get consumers into the stores, but not every retailer got their holiday wish.   BILL GRIFFETH, NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT ANCHOR:  Profit warning.  The world`s largest …

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Apple cuts its revenue guidance, citing weakness in China and emerging markets.

Plus, why the partial government shutdown is making it hard for some buyers to get a mortgage.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report – active or passive?
Which type of investors works best in volatile times?

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, world leaders arrive at the G-20 meeting where the focus will be trade and oil. Plus, a new study shows that women earn a lot less than men than originally thought.

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Tonight on Nightly Business Report, intense selling pushed the Dow & S&P into negative territory for the year. Plus, why the retail sector got hit hard just ahead of the start of the holiday shopping season.

Technology stocks were hit hard on Monday, with some of the biggest U.S. companies leading widespread losses.

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Tonight on Nightly Business Report, stocks wipe out their gains for the year as the stock market rout intensifies.

Plus, what will it take to calm the markets?