GM under investigation

The U.S. Attorney in New York reportedly opened a criminal investigation into General Motors’ recall of more than one million cars.


The pervasiveness of consumer technology that can track our every move has left some people scratching their heads as to why something so much more technically advanced, like the Malaysia Airlines jet carrying 239 people, could just disappear from the sky. Experts say the technology used to track an airplane like the Boeing 777 is state of …

Great freeze on the Great Lakes

The bitter cold is creating challenges for shippers, carrying everything from heating oil to grains.


A tall hangar rises out of nowhere, surrounded by concertina wire and tumbleweeds on the barren outskirts of North Las Vegas. In this dry, unforgiving place, Robert Bigelow is designing housing that will have to withstand much harsher conditions. Here, inside Bigelow Aerospace, the man who made a fortune putting up hotels is now building …

Panama Canal work stoppage

Massive cost overruns are halting the expansion of the Panama Canal, disrupting commerce across the county.


Another severe ice and snowstorm blew through the Midwest and Northeast on Wednesday, grounding more than 2,000 flights before daybreak as states of emergency were declared in many regions to keep people off the roads. “The storm is having a huge impact on air travel in the Northeast,” FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker said in an …

Auto, airlines and weather

January’s brutal weather weighed on auto sales and travel plans.


While football fans couldn’t have been luckier with the unseasonably tolerable weather during the Super Bowl, luck ran out by Monday morning as snow and ice returned to the Northeast, disrupting travel in the air and on the roads and rails. “This morning is off to a rough start for the Northeast,,” FlightAware CEO Daniel …


Consumers saving up their airline miles for a free trip may find that ticket is getting further out of reach. It’s time to switch loyalties. Airlines have been increasing the price of reward fares, and several big jumps are imminent. United’s program changes, effective Feb. 1, almost double the cost of some first-class tickets on international partners. …


The massive flight delays and cancellations this month due to the winter storms and then the bitter cold have cost the airlines and passengers $1.4 billion, according to masFlight, an airline consulting firm. “The [$1.4 billion] is probably an accurate number … but it includes everything,” aviation expert Michael Boyd speculated. The masFlight analysis of …

Pipeline safety

The government is warning that Bakken crude may be more flammable than conventional oil.


Following this week’s fiery train crash in North Dakota, the federal government Thursday issued a safety alert that crude oil being transported from the Bakken region, which stretches through swaths of North Dakota and Montana, is more flammable than traditional heavy crude. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration said it issued the alert to notify …

Predictions 2014: Cars and planes

What changes are coming to the auto and airline industry in 2014 – here’s an insider’s guide.

Holiday travel

More than 39 million Americans will travel at least 40 miles this weekend, some can expect smooth sailing, but others are in for major delays.

Costly travel delays

Snow, sleet and rain are all combining to make Thanksgiving Eve, the busiest travel day of the year a nightmare that will cost airlines and consumers.