Tonight: Why protests in Hong Kong have investors in the U.S. concerned about potential long-term economic repercussions.

Tonight: Bill Gross, the man who built Pimco into a bond market powerhouse, abruptly leaves the firm. If you own any Pimco funds, what should you do now?

Tonight: A sea of red on Wall Street making today the fourth triple-digit move in the Dow Index this week. Why are big moves suddenly back in the market?

Tonight: Why Wal-Mart is making its biggest push yet into financial services.

Tonight: The Treasury Department cracks down on so-called inversion deals. What do the new rules mean for some of the large health care deals that have not yet closed?

Tonight: Apple sells more phones than ever in its debut weekend and Alibaba is officially the world’s biggest IPO. What do these two records mean for the market and investors?

Tonight: Alibaba surges on its first day of trading, but does that mean it’s a good long-term buy for investors?

Tonight: A shake-up at the top of Oracle. Larry Ellison, co-founder and long-time CEO, steps down as Chief Executive Officer.

Tonight: The blue chip Dow Index closes at a record after the Federal Reserve Chair makes it clear the central bank is in no rush to raise interest rates.

Tonight: The blue chip Dow Industrial Average rises to an intraday high as investors place their bets ahead of a crucial two-day meeting of the Federal Reserve.

Tonight: The man in charge of GM’s victim compensation fund says the number of ignition-switch related deaths stands at 19, and will likely go higher.

Tonight: Retail sales soar in August and overall sentiment rises. Is this the start of a consumer revival?

Tonight: What’s your sell strategy? With stocks still near record highs, how do you know which stocks and mutual funds to get rid of?

Tonight: Is a familiar retail name, RadioShack, close to filing for bankruptcy? We’ll speak to the Wall Street analyst who says yes.

Tonight: Apple unveils new phones, a mobile payment system and a watch. Did the company prove it hasn’t lost its innovative edge?