Tonight: Stocks rallied and stayed there after Fed Chief Janet Yellen spoke. What did she say that the market seems to like?

Tonight: What caused the whipsaw day on Wall Street and can we expect more volatility in the coming weeks and months?

Tonight: The bulls are back. Citigroup put investors in a buying mood with better than expected earnings. Will the optimism continue when a flood of earnings reports hit the street this week?

Tonight: One bad end to a rough week. The NASDAQ closes below the key 4,000 level and the S&P has its worst weekly drop since June 2012, leaving many investors wondering whether the bull market is still intact.

Tonight: A sea of red. Stocks sell off led lower again by the Nasdaq. What you need to know.

Tonight: The Fed moves markets – again. What does it mean for stocks and the economy?

Tonight: The outlook for earnings season. Also, as we wait on earnings for bellwether consumer companies, those companies’ products are seeing falling demand. What does it mean for the Gillettes and Procter & Gambles of the world?

Tonight: The selling continues in tech. The Nasdaq is having its worst three-day slide since November 2011. Is there more going on here than meets the eye?

Tonight: After hitting all-time highs, stocks drop like a rock. The NASDAQ tumbles, dragging even the bluest of the blue chips down with it. Why and is there more selling ahead?

Tonight: Another black eye for Citi. The bank is reportedly the subject of a criminal investigation. Should shareholders be concerned?

Tonight: New reports show the economy is bouncing back. Will that translate into a strong employment report on Friday?

Tonight: Lawmakers press General Motors CEO about why it took a decade to recall cars with defective parts. Were her answers enough?

Tonight: Congress will question General Motors CEO Mary Barra tomorrow about the automaker’s expanded recall. How did GM get to this point? And what might happen next?

Tonight: What’s working, what’s not and which important investing trends have emerged as the calendar quickly approaches the end of the quarter.

Tonight: What’s behind the recent drop in some of the biggest names in technology and how much lower will they go?