With the first half of the year in the books, what should investors expect from the second? We cover everything from housing to energy to stocks on tonight’s special holiday edition of Nightly Business Report.

Tonight: The unemployment rate drops in June but for all the wrong reasons.

Tonight: Will tomorrow’s June employment report please both Wall Street and Main Street?

Tonight: The first half of 2015 is in the books. What worked for investors and what’s stalling out as we start the second half?

Tonight: U.S. stocks had their worst day of the year as positions hardened in that long simmering Greek debt crisis.

Tonight: The clock is ticking in Greece. Talks between the indebted nation and its creditors will continue tomorrow, but significant differences remain.

Tonight: The Supreme Court keeps the President’s Affordable Care Act intact and hospitals and health insurance stocks soar.

Tonight: Netflix splits its stock 7-for-1. But do splits really matter? And, what’s the top state for business in the U.S.?

Tonight: Companies selling items deemed by some as racially insensitive. Some are removing them from shelves. Will others follow and just what is a business’ responsibility when it comes to lightning rod topics?

Tonight: A deal in Greece appears closer than ever and stocks rally around the globe

Tonight: The European Central Bank extends a financial lifeline to Greece ahead of an emergency meeting on Monday.

Tonight: The Nasdaq sets a new record, but this time around it’s not just tech that’s driving the index. And, what Pope Francis said that’s grabbing the attention of big business.

Tonight: The Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged and even though there were hardly any clues in the central bank’s statement about its next move, stocks ended higher.

Tonight: The Federal Reserve begins its two-day meeting today, so what do some of the nation’s top money managers, strategists and economists think the Fed will do next?

Tonight: Stocks start the week under pressure amid concerns over Greece and tomorrow the focus turns to the Fed.