Tonight: The Nasdaq closes at a record, topping its dot-com era high as we get earnings from some of the biggest technology companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon. And, why earnings season is a big one for small caps.

Tonight: Two iconic American companies, McDonald’s and Coke, are having a tough time of late, but their latest earnings reports offer a glimmer of hope for investors.

Tonight: The red hot market for big pharma deals just got hotter as Teva launches a hostile bid for Mylan.

Tonight: Stocks bounce back in a big way to kick off one of the busiest weeks for earnings.

Tonight: A global market selloff that started in China, spread to Europe and made its way to Wall Street.

Tonight: What fueled Goldman Sachs’ best quarterly results in years?

Tonight: The European Union formally accuses Google of abusing its dominance in web searches. What does it mean for Google shareholders?

Tonight: Blue chip earnings. Will Intel’s results set the tone for trading tomorrow? And, some last minute tax tips for those who still haven’t filed their taxes.

Tonight: Will bank earnings be a bright spot for investors? And, ready to retire? Why most baby boomers are not.

Tonight: General Electric looks to get out of the banking business. What does it mean for the new GE and for investors in one of the most widely held stocks around?

Tonight: With $1 trillion in mergers already this year, what’s the outlook for dealmaking the rest of the year? And is that the jolt of confidence the market needs?

Tonight: Earnings season is underway. What are the expectations for profits?

Tonight: What’s behind the sudden spike in oil prices? Plus, the surprising thing many Americans feel is a threat to their employment.

Tonight: Stocks shrug off last week’s dismal jobs report. So has bad news become good news? And, why is there such a split between what’s going on in the economy and Wall Street’s thinking?

Tonight: On special edition of Nightly Business Report, what the March employment report says about the state of the economy and what’s in store for the Class of 2015?