Tonight: How Google, Amazon and Visa’s after the bell earnings could shape the trading day tomorrow.

Tonight: The Federal Reserve says the economy is expanding at a “solid pace” setting up a showdown over when exactly rates should be raised.

Tonight: The strong dollar proves to be a big drag on some of the country’s biggest companies and that sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting.

Tonight: A historic blizzard hits one of the country’s major economic arteries but the storm may not be a record breaker for the economy.

Tonight: UPS warns its bottomline will get hit by a double whammy: a stronger dollar and the West Coast port dispute.

Tonight: The European Central Bank announces a massive stimulus program to get the struggling eurozone economy growing again. Nightly Business Report has reaction to this historic decision from across Europe and will explain why it matters to U.S. markets and investors.

Tonight: The European Central Bank is widely expected to make a massive monetary move tomorrow in order to prop up the struggling Eurozone economy and the stakes are high.

Tonight: The President addresses the American people outlining new economic proposals that could impact your money.

Tonight: How the rapid decline in energy prices is impacting everything from the economy to consumers to housing.

Tonight: Consumer prices fell by the largest amount in six years and that could make the Federal Reserve’s decision on when to hike interest rates a lot more complicated.

Tonight: Switzerland’s central bank makes an unprecedented policy about-face and stuns investors across the globe. Does it signal deeper economic problems within Europe?

Tonight: Investors sell stocks and buy bonds on concerns over the health of the global economy. But is the U.S. strong enough to withstand overseas weakness?

Tonight: What caused today’s 282-point gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Average to evaporate?

Tonight: Oil prices plunge to a near six-year low. How low is too low when it comes to crumbling crude?

Tonight: The U.S. economy saw its strongest job growth in 15 years, but there’s one big problem with the December jobs report.