Tonight: The state of labor unions in America. Plus, why one auto dealer, who has been in business for 23 years, is steaming mad.

Tonight: Why Fiat Chrysler auto workers are preparing to go on strike.

Tonight: An activist investor takes a big stake and makes a big bet on General Electric, one of the most widely held stocks by investors.

Tonight: A setback for the job market and what that could mean for the Federal Reserve and the stock market.

Tonight: Why September was a blockbuster month for auto sales.

Tonight: The books are closed on one of the worst quarters in years, so how should you invest in the months to come?

Tonight: With the books almost closed on September, attention turns to the fourth quarter and the four things investors need to watch.

Tonight: The companies that are feeling the squeeze as commodity prices get crushed.

Tonight: House Speaker John Boehner steps down. What does his resignation mean for a potential government shutdown, Wall Street uncertainty and even interest rates?

Tonight: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen makes her first speech since last week’s decision not to raise interest rates.

Tonight: Why the Volkswagen emission scandal threatens much more than just the automaker.

Tonight: Two momentous state visits. The Pope and the President of China arrive in the U.S. and hot button issues could be on their agendas.

Tonight: How can the price of a 62-year-old drug rise more than 5000% seemingly overnight?

Tonight: How should you invest over the next few years now that the Federal Reserve is forecasting lackluster economic growth?

Tonight: Why the Federal Reserve decided that now is not the right time to raise interest rates.