Tonight: What President Obama will say tonight during his immigration address and what the business community wants to hear.

Tonight: Did the Federal Reserve further muddy the outlook for interest rates when it released the minutes from its last meeting?

Tonight: The S&P closes at its 43rd record high of the year. Find out how the head of CalSTRS, the nation’s second largest public pension fund, is investing in this market.

Tonight: A $66 billion deal in the health care sector closes the book on one of the most dramatic takeovers in recent history.

Tonight: Stocks have bounced back since the lows of mid-October. Which sectors have come back the most?

Tonight: Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway charges ahead with a multi-billion dollar deal to buy Procter & Gamble’s Duracell business. But what’s really behind the Oracle’s offer?

Tonight: Are the world’s two largest economies, the U.S. & China, entering a new phase of friendlier relations? And what might that mean for business?

Tonight: The U.S. and China reach an agreement to drop tariffs on $1 trillion worth of technology products and some well-known companies could feel the impact.

Tonight: President Obama took a firm stand on a controversial topic about the internet and shares of cable companies fell sharply.

Tonight: A solid but not spectacular jobs report. Does this do anything to change expectations for the Federal Reserve and the future of interest rates?

Tonight: Double-digit gains for the year are once again a possibility for the major averages and that is raising the question for investors – which is better: passive or active investing? We’ll take a look.

Tonight: Democrats and Republicans say they will work together. What are the odds Washington will actually get work done on issues important to business?

Tonight: As oil prices head further into bear market territory, which industries will benefit and which could get caught in the crosshairs?

Tonight: November historically starts the best six-month period for the stock market, but will this time around be different?

Tonight: October was essentially two months in one. The first: a pullback like we haven’t seen in some time. The other: a fierce comeback.