Tonight: Two big blue chips helped power the Dow Jones Industrial Average and their earnings results could be a proxy for the global economy.

Tonight: Just when it seemed ok to step back into the market, it wasn’t. A shooting in the heart of the Canadian capital along with a decline in the price of oil, sent stocks tumbling.

Tonight: Stocks rally back, but are the steep drops we saw last week a thing of the past?

Tonight: IBM shares tumble after the company reports weak earnings and abandons its five-year transition plan. What’s ahead for Big Blue?

Tonight: Stocks rallied to end this wild week on a positive note. But small caps stocks went in the other direction and some say that’s a worrisome sign.

Tonight: The day after Wall Street’s wild ride, one of the biggest market bulls stands by his year-end target of 2300 on the S&P 500.

Tonight: What a day on Wall Street. The Dow Industrial Average fell as much as 460 points. The yield on the 10-year fell below 2%. What does it mean for your stock and bond investments?

Tonight: It was one of the ugliest days in the oil pits in years. Prices dove more than 4% as traders search for a floor in prices.

Tonight: It’s a big week for earnings, but how will a nervous market respond to corporate results this quarter?

Tonight: In a month that has seen the Dow move more than 2,000 points, how can you protect your portfolio from all this volatility?

Tonight: Stocks tumble just one day after the biggest rally of the year. Why? And should investors get used to all of this volatility?

Tonight: Stocks soar after minutes from the Federal Reserve’s last meeting show the central bank remains very cautious about raising rates.

Tonight: The real state of the global and U.S. economies after the International Monetary Fund cuts its global growth outlook.

Tonight: Why Hewlett-Packard thinks splitting into two companies will be better than sticking together as one.

Tonight: The unemployment rate falls below 6% for the first time since 2008. So why have wages hardly budged? And is that about to change?