Salesforce is buying Tableau Software in a $16 billion deal making it one of the largest software acquisitions. Josh Lipton breaks it down for us.

Huawei has reportedly been building its Android rival for at least the last seven years in secret.

Shares of cloud software giant Salesforce dropped sharply today after it announced it would buy big data firm Tableau, a Seattle-based company that specializes in data visualization, for $15.3 billion in stock.

We have been reporting on how Washington is looking to regulate big tech companies. We delve into how Google is under scrutiny. Aditi Roy reports.

Amazon is coming under scrutiny and its prime membership program could be one of the reasons why. Deirdre Bosa breaks it all down for us.

Apple has been investing in its servicing business but the government is continuing a close eye on Apple’s movements. Josh Lipton reports from the Bay Area.

With big tech companies continuing their power in our daily lives today, that means more scrutiny from Washington…which causes most of these companies to spend a lot of money on lobbying. Aditi Roy reports.

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is reportedly buying three adjoining luxury 5th avenue condos in Manhattan for about $80 million and we had the rare opportunity to take a sneak peek inside. Robert Frank gives us the tour.

Tech companies like Facebook and Google are becoming more powerful because more people now are using online devices than before. Julia Boorstin reports on how powerful these tech giants have become.

The government is looking into possibly targeting big tech companies such as Facebook, Apple, and Alphabet with anti-trust investigations. How would the regulation affect these tech companies? We speak with John Freeman, an equity analyst at CFRA Research, with his insights.

In Apple’s annual developers conference, there were new features, apps, and tools introduced. Why is this important to investors? Josh Lipton reports from Silicon Valley.

Stocks fell on Monday, the first trading day of the month, as investors fretted over the possibility of tech giants like Alphabet and Facebook facing tighter regulations.

At LAX airport in Los Angeles, you may have notice some machines where you can send your feedback on the services and hospitality there. Jane Wells has more from LAX airport.

Best Buy has dodged death, but for how long?

In April, the company handed over the CEO job to CFO Corie Barry. Her predecessor, Hubert Joly, had engineered a turnaround that surprised Wall Street and inspired other struggling retailers.

Aditi Roy reports on a start-up company in the Silicon Valley where they are using artificial intelligence to see that method can help improve baggage screening at airports.