Snap launched a new search function Friday in an effort to make all the content created by its users far more accessible.

Google’s ad troubles are becoming a bigger concern to Wall Street, but analysts have yet to go completely negative on the company.

Despite legacy media’s anxieties about cord-cutting, data suggest that the phenomenon isn’t nearly as significant as cable providers make it out to be.

The new red aluminum iPhone is part of Apple’s decade-long (RED) campaign.

A tweet was posted to McDonald’s social media feed that criticized President Trump.

With the Snap’s IPO in the rear view, MoffettNathanson says the market has now priced the company for perfection.

The Department of Justice indicted two Russian intelligence officers and two other people, in connection with a conspiracy to hack into Yahoo’s networks.

Snap’s future, at least in the near term, may not be all doe eyes and rainbow filters.

Cable is over in the eyes of the young, and is being replaced by new platforms like Snapchat, according to one social media influencer.

NBC said Friday it had invested $500 million in Snap, deepening an existing partnership.

The company priced its 200 million share public offering at $17 a share on Wednesday.

The company’s stock is scheduled to start trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange.

Snap’s headquarters are unlike those of any other company. Here’s why investors should care.

Snap said that it is offering to sell 200 million Class A common stock and will trade on the New York Stock exchange under the ticker “SNAP”.