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We all have Australia to thank for a number of delights: The Great Barrier Reef, Vegemite, “Crocodile Dundee” and Ugg boots come to mind. A surprise edition to that list of exports has emerged of late—in the form of software. Australian tech companies with names like Atlassian, Nitro, 99designs and Invoice2go have been growing rapidly …

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Technology in the auto space is advancing at a rapid speed, with much of the focus on the development of autonomous cars. But although Google has dominated the headlines, it’s not the only one making waves in this space. Speaking to CNBC at Mobile World Congress, Klas Bendrik, CIO of Volvo, said it too was developing a …

Blackberry Leap

Handset maker Blackberry has unveiled an “affordable” smartphone and announced plans for three other devices including a dual curved-screen “slider” phone and luxury smartphone. The 5-inch $275 BlackBerry Leap will be rolled out in April and is designed for “rising stars” in business, the company said at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday. The …

The Nasdaq’s quiet winner

One of the top performing stocks on the Nasdaq since its October 2002 low is a name you’ve probably never heard of.

Mobile World Congress kicks off

Deal making is on the minds of some of the biggest names in technology. Jon Fortt has the latest from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Nasdaq 5K

The Nasdaq closes above 5,000 for the first time since 2000. What drove the index to this level and where does it go from here?

Apple will hold an event March 9, the company said Thursday, amid speculation that the launch of the Apple Watch was near. The invitation said simply “Spring forward.” (Clocks spring forward one hour for daylight savings time the day before). CEO Tim Cook has previously said the Apple Watch would ship sometime in April. While …

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Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM

IBM has disappointed its shareholders, but the company’s executives plan to convince investors that the tech giant is pivoting to faster-growing businesses that can revive optimism in Big Blue’s future. For fans of IBM, it’s been a challenging couple of years. In 2013, the stock slipped 2 percent, which earned it a dubious distinction: It …

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The Lux Watch by Brikk

Talk about bling. Brikk, a company that customizes high-end tech products, said Thursday it will sell 30 luxury models of the Apple Watch that are plated in precious metals and encrusted with diamonds. The new line of Lux Watches has a variety of band options and comes in two sizes, 38 and 42 mm. It …

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An Android sculpture stands in the lobby of Google I/O last June.

Google will be announcing a new payments interface for Android this May called Android Pay, a source close to the matter told Ars Technica. The platform, to be announced at Google’s annual I/O software-developers’ conference in May, will power in-store and in-app payments for third-party apps, reported the technology news website. Read more from Ars …

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The FCC’s proposed net neutrality regulations are widely expected to be approved Thursday by a three-to-two vote along partisan lines. The battle between Internet companies and Internet service providers has heated up ahead of the vote, with CEOs on both sides weighing in—including Netflix’s Reed Hastings, for one, in favor, and Comcast’sBrian Roberts, for the …

Nasdaq 5k: Survivor CEOs

Mary Thompson takes a look at the CEOs that have survived the dot com bust and the secret to longevity.

Net neutrality vote

The FCC is expected to approve rules that insure Internet providers treat all content equally.

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Old software security holes are more stubborn than many think. A report issued Monday by HP shows that almost half of the companies who suffered a cyber attack in 2014 were hit by hackers taking advantage of old exploits. In fact, 44 percent of known breaches in 2014 stemmed from vulnerabilities caused by unpatched code …


Marc Winterhoff sees the great auto shake out coming over the next 15-20 years. That’s when self-driving, or autonomous drive, vehicles will take off, according to the head of the automotive practice for the business strategy firm Roland Berger. “When we start to see critical mass with autonomous drive vehicles, there will be clear winners …