Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Amazon crushes earnings estimates as its big investments start to pay off.

And, one of the greatest collections of modern art hidden in the heart of Iran.


Facebook rose 10 percent after the company crushed analysts’ first-quarter expectations, and Wall Street could not be happier.


Apple’s stock tumbled nearly 8 percent as Wall Street analysts showed their displeasure the tech giant’s earnings.


Speaking at a meeting of the China Entrepreneur Club, an exclusive summit of business leaders, 43-year old Jia explained why foreign rivals did not worry him, particularly Apple.


IT security stocks have soared after the seven big data breaches made public over the past three years, according to the Bessemer Venture Partners Cyber Index released Tuesday.


Three years after a deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon, technology has changed the way law enforcement and first-responders monitor the event.

Scott Mlyn | CNBC

The five biggest U.S. technology companies have shown they can dominate a massive market. Investors are waiting to see if they can replicate that success.


Jeff Bezos spoke Tuesday about his plans and dreams for space, and what it is holding back the industry from the final frontier.

credit card

American consumers are finally getting on board with new chip-enabled credit cards — but retailers aren’t following suit.


Google has issued an apology and removed a temporary email feature after one of its April Fools’ jokes backfired.


The U.S. Department of Defense has put together a prize fund of $150,000 for any hacker who can find vulnerabilities in its security.


Analysts expect Apple to unveil a new 4-inch iPhone, a 9.7-inch iPad, new Apple Watch bands and new software on Monday.


As technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.) advances, jobs in banks and offices are set to be replaced by automation, according to industry experts.


This year, the event to which some refer affectionately as “Spring Break for nerds” is attracting a new brand of geek — the political kind.


Cybercriminals are buying medical records on the dark Web to file fraudulent tax returns.