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Apple CEO Tim Cook

The biggest consumer technology companies are taking over the enterprise realm. Just as’s cloud-computing business is reeling in ever larger businesses onto its servers, Apple is formalizing its place in corporate data centers. On Monday, Apple announced a partnership with networking giant Cisco to tightly integrate iPhones and iPads into the fabric of the workplace. …

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High-flying start-ups may well be able to weather a financial markets storm after raising monster sums of cash. However, the foundations, endowments and retirement funds that support them face a tougher slog. Limited partners (LPs) are the institutions that provide the money venture capital firms use to invest in start-ups. On paper, funds raised over …

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It’s official—Apple will hold an event on Sept. 9. The tech giant on Thursday confirmed the date of the function, which was widely reported in recent weeks. Rumors have swirled about what products or developments Apple could unveil, and some reports suggest its could announce a next generation iPhone. Read More Apple puts big unveiling event …

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The Apple Pay logo is displayed in a mobile kiosk sponsored by Visa and Wells Fargo to demonstrate the new Apple Pay mobile payment system.

On the company’s last earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple Pay is on track to be accepted at more than 1.5 million U.S. locations by the end of the year. On Thursday, the tech giant announced news that could help it achieve that goal. Apple’s mobile payments service will now work with PayAnywhere, …

Tech is tanking

The once-hot technology sector has been one of the hardest hit in the stock market rout.

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Despite a slowdown in personal computer sales in the latest quarter, Hewlett-Packard Chair and CEO Meg Whitman said Friday she believes PCs are not dead.

Google Fiber attracts startups

The valuations of so-called Unicorns—private companies worth $1 billion or more—are quite high, pioneering tech and media investor Alan Patricof said Tuesday.


Ash Kamel wanted to expand his skills and be more marketable in the corporate world. But he didn’t choose to do it by enrolling in an expensive and time-consuming business school program. Kamel, who graduated with an electrical engineering degree nearly a decade ago and became an entrepreneur, enrolled instead in a three-month, classroom-based “boot …

Samsung unveils new products

Samsung introduced a host of new products to fend off gains made by Apple.

Airbnb goes to Cuba

Cuba is one of the least connected countries in the world, so why is Airbnb, which relies on the internet, making a big push into the island nation?

What Alphabet means for YouTube

Now that Google has announced a major restructuring effort, YouTube could be more important than ever. Julia Boorstin explains.


Google‘s fundamental business and portfolio of moonshot projects will remain the same when it changes its name to Alphabet, but investors are rallying around the prospect of getting a more detailed view of the tech giant’s business and how it makes money, analysts said Tuesday. Shares of Google Class C stock were up more than …

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Sundar Pichai, Google

Who would’ve expected Google to become anyone’s subsidiary? But that’s what happened Monday. Google on Monday announced a new corporate operating structure, creating a new company, Alphabet, that will count the Internet giant as a subsidiary. Sundar Pichai, currently a senior vice president, will become CEO of Google. Current chief executive Larry Page will take …

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When Ethan Young decided to start his own shipping company, he didn’t have a truck, just one cargo van. One year later, he’s generated enough business to own three large trucks and hire a team of six drivers. Business is booming, and he says it’s all because of a smartphone app. “It makes the small …