With Alphabet overtaking Apple as the most valuable company, CNBC Pro asked experts whether it will suffer from the winner’s curse or be the exception.


General Electric is stopping production on a certain product by the end of 2016, Gizmodo reports.


The Internet of Things has reached 6.4 billion devices this year and is on the way to 21 billion by 2020, according to Gartner.

video game

As digital sales of video games slide, GameStop is dipping into potential new revenue streams outside its comfort zone.


Facebook easily topped Wall Street’s most optimistic estimates for both revenue and earnings in the fourth quarter, the company announced Wednesday.


The rocket under development will have 8.5 million pounds of thrust. “That’s 31 747s at full power,” says one engineer.

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Apple bulls need to rethink their positions after the company reported its weakest iPhone sales growth ever, Daniel Ives says.


The new space race is a game of thrones among three billionaires: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson.

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The growth and development of virtual reality will help bring people closer, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg says.


Camera maker GoPro is probably not done cutting estimates, even after a sharp warning Wednesday sent shares plunging, Goldman Sachs said.


Downtown Palo Alto, the heart and soul of Silicon Valley and former home to Google, Facebook and PayPal, is slowly turning into a scene out of “Lord of the Rings.”

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Between a sinking stock, an embattled CEO and restless investors demanding that the company be dismantled, these are not great days for Internet pioneer Yahoo.


For so many years, Apple could seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of investors. Of late, the opposite is true.


On the heels of Samsung’s Gear VR selling out over the holidays, virtual reality is set to take off in 2016.

Lyft makes inroads with investors

Lyft released its list of top destinations for its passengers. The ride-sharing company is trying to gain traction with both riders and investors.