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Banking is becoming increasingly less personal, and customers seem to like it that way. At a time when bank branches are disappearing by the hundreds, many folks don’t seem to care. In fact, an expansive survey shows that when it comes to the banking experience, institutions are far better off concentrating on creating great mobile …


Technology behemoth Google has expanded its fleet of financial services this week by offering homebuyers in California the opportunity to compare and contrast mortgages. Its online comparison tool has now been expanded to provide information on housing loans after first announcing the idea in May. “Buying a home is a major financial decision — so …

Travelers check in for holiday flights at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Wednesday.

Since hackers won’t be taking Thanksgiving off, holiday travelers cannot afford to slip into bad habits. Here are some top tips from cybersecurity experts to protect your devices and data over the holidays. Passwords: Update before and after travel Choose strong passwords and — as painful as it is — use different passwords for different …

Google’s big hire in the cloud

Josh Lipton explains Google’s push into cloud computing.

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Altwork Station – a convertible (standing to laying down desk) workstation

Worried what your sedentary work life might be doing to you? Then you might be in the market for a multipurpose, ergonomic workstation — if you’re willing to plunk down serious money for it. The brainchild of engineer Che Voigt, who has worked with multiple aerospace engineering companies, Altwork has released a $5,900 chair ($3,900 …

Best Buy reports weak sales

Best Buy is forecasting a slow holiday sales season.

Square’s growth strategy

Kayla Tausche looks at the challenges the mobile payments company Square faces.

An image from the video posted on YouTube, purported to be from Anonymous.

Now that Anonymous has declared cyberwar against the so-called Islamic State in retaliation for the Paris terrorist attacks, the question becomes: What can the hacker group actually do? Taking over and shutting down Twitter accounts is a logical first step. But the real prize, experts say, is in fundamentally disrupting the militant group’s recruiting mechanism. …

Drone adoption takes flight

Josh Lipton reports from a drone conference where more than 1,500 people gathered to debate the future of the industry.

Secret ISIS conversations

Did video game consoles and apps help the Paris terror plot go undetected?

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Katie Rothstein (R) playing soccer.

While on a family vacation in Paris this summer, 14-year-old Katie Rothstein fell off a Segway, hitting her head. She felt dizzy at first, but she seemed to recover quickly. Plus, she was wearing a helmet. Her parents thought she was fine. Almost three weeks later, her mother, Adrienne Rothstein, brought Katie in as a …

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Apple enthusiasts went gaga Thursday for the tech giant’s latest patent — a device that could aid in “liquid expulsion from an orifice,” and could thus, save your iPhone from being waterlogged if it was accidentally dropped in a body of water. As great as it would be, that kind of technology is just speculative, …

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Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer of Facebook Inc.

The Indian government blocks more Facebook content than any other nation, by a wide margin, according to a recent report released by the social media company. In response to government requests, the social network blocked more than 20,000 pieces of content on its platform and across its app network during the first half of this …

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A prototype robot with two arms, demonstrates its abilities during a demonstration for the media at a warehouse in Noda, in suburban Tokyo.

One central bank has some frightening predictions when it comes to job stability in the future. 80 million jobs in the United States are at risk of being taken over by robots in the next few decades, a Bank of England (BoE) official warned on Thursday. With U.S. data showing that total nonfarm employment hit …

Future of tracking aircraft

Phil LeBeau tells us about a company that’s working on airplane satellite tracking technology.