Put away the Champagne. If you received a large check from Uncle Sam, it may mean you’ve been paying him way too much.

Time is running out for first-timers to take their required minimum distributions.

Hedge fund fees, which were previously taxed as income at rates as high as 45 percent, could be completely exempt from taxation.

Kohl’s CEO warned that his company’s tax rate could surge as much as 75 to 85 percent.

Retirees taking a required minimum distribution for the first time often procrastinate. Missing out carries a big penalty.

European car manufacturers are set to be the biggest losers from President Trump’s border tax proposals, says Deutsche Bank suggests.

Retailers with pricing power will be able to pass on costs, but others will lose business and profitability, experts told CNBC.

There’s a growing group of 1099 workers in the work force. Here’s what they need to know come tax season.

In a letter to House and Senate leadership, top manufacturing CEOs argued that the current tax system penalizes American factory workers.

Merchants drove home the potential damage that could be inflicted if their costs increase under any overhaul of the tax code.

Donald Trump touted tax reform and gave markets a boost, but the process could still take longer than many hope.

Married, divorced or widowed? If you passed a milestone in 2016, here’s a look at what to tell the IRS come April.

Lowering taxes to encourage economic growth is the best way to tackle budget deficits, Douglas Elliman chairman Howard Lorber tells CNBC.

Are you ready? You have until April 18 to file your income tax return, or Oct. 16 if you file an extension.

“You won’t tax imports and exports equally,” Kevin Brady tells CNBC. “You’ll still have a tax advantage for foreign products.”