The Congressional tax overhaul could put a dent in home values in high-tax states, and create looming credit risks for local governments.

Trump wants GOP lawmakers to repeal the Obamacare individual mandate to further cut taxes for high-income Americans.

Gary Cohn maintains that the estate tax is about much more than simply protecting wealth for the richest American families.

The House Republican tax plan cuts the cap on the deduction to $500,000 of mortgage debt for newly purchased homes.

Sen. Rob Portman told CNBC on Wednesday that fellow Republicans will vote to approve tax reform despite any issues they may have with President Donald Trump. Portman said he’s friends with GOP Sens. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, and they said they intend to support a bill that would change the U.S. tax code. Flake …

Most Americans have upped their charitable donations this year, or should, if they want to reap the tax benefits.

Ivanka Trump is the most influential supporter of expanding the child tax credit in the White House.

The process behind crafting tax reform was quite different than the failed efforts to repeal Obamacare, Ryan tells CNBC.

Social Security numbers exposed in the Equifax breach could be used for tax-related identity theft. Here’s how to head off the criminals.

President Donald Trump claimed rich Americans will not benefit from the tax-reform plan that Republicans hope to pass this year.

Steven Mnuchin said tax reform is Trump’s top priority, assuring that the administration will pass a tax overhaul.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the administration has a “very detailed” tax plan ready and “couldn’t be more excited” about its prospects.

A study finds that people in Philadelphia are still buying sugary drinks, but they’re traveling outside city limits to stock up.

Lawmakers will focus on tax legislation soon, yet specifics of their plan remain unclear.