Social Security numbers exposed in the Equifax breach could be used for tax-related identity theft. Here’s how to head off the criminals.

President Donald Trump claimed rich Americans will not benefit from the tax-reform plan that Republicans hope to pass this year.

Steven Mnuchin said tax reform is Trump’s top priority, assuring that the administration will pass a tax overhaul.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the administration has a “very detailed” tax plan ready and “couldn’t be more excited” about its prospects.

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Lawmakers will focus on tax legislation soon, yet specifics of their plan remain unclear.

Proposals to tax contributions upfront, limit deferrals and create new savings accounts are floating around Capitol Hill.

“You can’t go from 35 to 15 [percent] and still allow deductions. It’s just algebra,” a senior official tells CNBC.

Mulvaney, a budget hawk, tells CNBC “there’s no way to know” yet what effect the plan will have on the deficit.

The elimination of some popular deductions could expose more of the average household’s income to taxes.

Here’s how Wall Street is trading President Trump’s tax plan, even before he presents details.

It was not immediately clear how much President Donald Trump would reveal or what form it would take.

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