With stocks nearing an all-time high and dollar looking stronger, gold is still performing very well and hitting a six year high. Scott Nations, who’s the President and CIO at Nationsshares, joins us in discussing how gold is still hitting its stride in the markets today.

FedEx posted better than expected results but fears sales may be hit in the near future with the trade war with China. Frank Holland has more for us.

Micron Technology posted better than expected earnings and revenue. Josh Lipton joins us to break down the earnings report.

Is an interest rate cut in July a done deal? Wall Street is looking for it but Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is still “grappling” over that decision. Dominic Chu has reports.

The transportation industry sector has recently not performing well in the markets. Why is that? Bob Pisani has more for us at the New York Stock Exchange.

As tensions with other countries climb, American investors are sticking close to home.

While 66% of Americans said foreign equities could diversify their portfolios, just 48% of investors hold 1% to 25% allocations to these stocks in their portfolios.

The Dow inches a new high and heads towards its best June in decades but a critical meeting between the U.S. and China still looms at the G-20 Summit in Japan. Mike Santoli has more for us at the New York Stock Exchange.

What can we expect from Wall Street and their reaction with the upcoming U.S. trade talks with China at the G-20 Summit? We speak with David Lebovitz, who’s at JP Morgan Asset Management, with his analysis.

For some, value investing has been left for dead after years of underperformance. However, Goldman Sachs says there’s still life left in the classic factor strategy, especially with the Fed set to cut rates again.

We speak with Mike Kelly, who’s the head of research at Seaport Global Securities, about how the markets will react with growing tensions with Iran and the Philadelphia refinery fire.

With S&P closing at a record high, what’s next for stocks and are we still in a long term bull market? We discuss this with Brian Levitt, who’s a Senior Director of Investment Strategy at Invesco.

Low interest rates have been helpful to dividend paying stocks and could even get better if the Federal Reserve drops interest rates. More to discuss this topic is David Dietze, who’s the President and CIO at Point View Wealth Management.

The S&P closes at a level never seen before as bond yield fall below a key level, investors wonder what’s next for the markets? Bob Pisani has more for us at the New York Stock Exchange.

Slack began its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday after pursuing a direct listing rather than an initial public offering. The stock, under the symbol “WORK,” surged more than 60% at the start of trading after opening at $38.50. The NYSE set a reference price of $26 the night before.

The co-founder and CEO of Slack is predicting an end to the world of email as we know it inside companies in the next seven years.