China’s markets, long considered insulated from global ructions by strict capital controls, took a hit this week from the U.S. rate hike.


Stocks tend to slide in the 38th week of a year. Will they do so in 2016?


U.S. stock index futures indicated a lower open on Friday as traders digested the release of key inflation data.


“This market is on solid footing and ready for the next leg up,” technical analyst Craig Johnson says.


Despite wild volatility this year, the S&P 500 is barely positive for the year, and it’s still a coin toss whether stocks finish 2015 in the green.

Investing in misfit stocks

Dominic Chu takes a look at the stocks that under-performed and whether their luck may change in the new year.


It hasn’t been a good year for energy stocks. Actually, it hasn’t even been a good decade. The S&P 500 is up 65 percent in the last 10 years, while, the S&P energy sector is up just 24 percent. And as a Friday oil slide put further pressure on energy stocks, four specific names actually …


The S&P 500 has struggled to make meaningful gains this year amid slowing profit growth, geopolitical unrest and uncertainty over a Fed rate hike. But if history is any indication, we could be in for a big year-end rally. “December is the only month since 1928 that has never posted the worst performance of the year,” …


With 30-year Treasury bonds yielding just 3 percent despite widespread predictions of a Federal Reserve rate hike, high-dividend stocks continue to present an appetizing option for many investors. Of course, not every name falls into that bucket. Eighty-three of the megacap stocks in the S&P 500 pay no dividend whatsoever. But at the other end …

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Lights for the holidays illuminate the New York Stock Exchange.

There’s an interesting thing happening with Black Friday retail these days. Consumer shopping in November, especially around Black Friday, matters less. But consumer stocks in November matter more. That’s what the data say. First, if you look at the actual impact and relevance of Black Friday, there’s a lot of numbers pointing to its decreased …

This year’s hottest sector

The consumer discretionary sector has been the hottest sector so far this year, but will the group continue to do well with an interest rate hike looming?


With copper hitting a six-year low this week, some companies could benefit from the metal’s big decline. Erin Gibbs of S&P Investment Advisory is watching the telecom, construction and automaker sectors for companies that could get a profit boost from lower copper prices. One standout name is Acuity Brands, Gibbs said, with a net margin …

Are sky high valuations dangerous?

Should you own stocks with sky high valuations, or is it dangerous to your wealth?

Dow 18K is officially back on the horizon as the index has rallied to within 3 percent of its all-time high. But while Wall Street eyes that as the next important level, some traders are looking at what stocks could take the index into uncharted territory: Dow 20K. David Seaburg told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” that, …

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Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

In a continued slow-growth environment, investors should look for outperformance in a hot but little-followed set of stocks: IT services. So says Andrew Burkly, head of institutional portfolio strategy at Oppenheimer. “We know one of the things that’s defining the environment right now is this kind of slow-growth, sluggish-revenue environment that we find ourselves in. …