PepsiCo recorded all-time highs after reporting strong quarter results. What helped this growth and how is their stock competing with their chief rival Coca-Cola? Sara Eisen explains.

On Wednesday, the Nasdaq-100 closed on a record high. Did the legal settlement between Apple and Qualcomm helped with this rise? How did the tech heavy weights like Facebook and Amazon do? Bertha Coombs has the details.

Lyft’s market debut offers something of a gut check for Uber, Slack and Pinterest.

Cheaply priced stocks are getting cheaper as expensive stocks have gotten extremely pricey, pushing the valuation gap to the widest in 70 years, according to AB Bernstein.

Bob Pisani looks at why the Dow had the biggest one-day drop in weeks.

Investors everywhere are watching the 2,800 level on the S&P 500 to see if the stock rally will fizzle there, or break through, signaling the potential for new highs.

Coca-Cola reports earnings that met expectations, but that wasn’t enough to temper concerns about its weaker-than-expected earnings outlook.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R – Fla.) is pushing a plan that would raise taxes on capital gains as a way to discourage companies from pursuing share repurchases. The goal is to reduce the difference between what investors pay on capital gains compared to dividends, which are taxed at individual income rates. CNBC’s Ylan Mui reports from Washington.

Stocks rose on Tuesday amid news that U.S. lawmakers had secured a tentative deal on border security funding.

Infrastructure-related companies were the big winners and drug stocks were the biggest losers after President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

General Electric shares soared to their best day in a decade following the Thursday’s fourth-quarter earnings report but J.P. Morgan analyst Stephen Tusa remained unconvinced by GE’s results.

The S&P 500’s big dip in December and its subsequent recovery is likely to repeat this year, JP Morgan’s Daniel Pinto says.

Professional investors have suddenly turned optimistic about U.S. stocks again, with bullish sentiment fed by an especially buoyant earnings season that is offsetting other concerns. Domestic equities are holding the biggest portfolio weight since January 2015, according to the August Bank of America Merrill Lynch Fund Managers Survey, a look at where 243 pros who …

Goldman Sachs predicts the markets will not move much into year-end, but some of the firm’s clients are saying the S&P 500 could rally sharply higher. The firm said the second-quarter corporate earnings season was “stellar,” with 25 percent year-over-year earnings per share growth and a sales increase of 12 percent. “The best earnings season …

Elon Musk is clearing up questions around taking Tesla private, saying his claim last week that the necessary funding had been secured was based on repeated and ongoing conversations with the Saudis. “Going back almost two years, the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund has approached me multiple times about taking Tesla private,” Musk said in …