Social Security

The Social Security Administration is the No. 1 government agency targeted by imposters, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Landmark Social Security legislation passed in 1983 ushered in a series of changes to the program, including gradually raising the full retirement age to 67 from 65 .

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, is taking the lead on a new proposal aimed at fixing funding shortfalls for Social Security, Medicare and the nation’s crumbling highways.

Social Security is a central pillar in retirement security for current retirees and baby boomers. Younger generations are predicting a different outcome.

John Harwood reports on Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s proposal on social security and how it may impact higher income Americans.

Ylan Mui reports from Washington where Oregon Senator Wyden is proposing his own plan to fund social security which includes focus on the capital gains tax.

If you wait until age 70 to start receiving Social Security retirement benefits, you generally stand to get the biggest checks.

But if you do not want to delay for that long, there is a second option where you will not take as much of a pay cut.

Only 8% of Americans think the government should do nothing to fix Social Security and that the program will stay “perfectly affordable.”

There is a new report that shows social security and Medicare may be running out in the near future. What’s the best way to plan for this possible shortfall? We speak with Liz Miller, a financial advisor at Summit Place and Sharon Epperson, our senior personal finance correspondent.

Many people have enough saved for retirement to claim Social Security later than they do, according to a new study.

Data point to a bigger cost-of-living adjustment from the Social Security Administration this year.

How well you understand the ins and outs of Social Security entitlements could make a big difference in how much you receive over your lifetime.

Social Security is expected to be a major source of retirement income for baby boomers. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about how Social Security works and when you should take it. Sharon Epperson dispels some of the common myths that are out there.

This is the age when certain retirees stand to lose the least by not waiting until age 70 to start receiving Social Security.

What you don’t know about Social Security could cost you. CNBC offers tips to ensure you don’t miss out.