Social Security

What you don’t know about Social Security could cost you. CNBC offers tips to ensure you don’t miss out.

If you claimed this important retirement benefit too early, there are steps you can take to correct that.

Donald Trump says he will preserve the program, yet the trust funds supporting it will be depleted by 2034, making any solution difficult.

Government researchers analyzed six online tools that provide users with estimates of their expected monthly payouts.

One of the biggest mistakes retirees can make is to underestimate the importance of Social Security in their retirement-planning strategies.

Your Social Security income won’t go up by much in 2017, yet your expenses probably will. Here’s what it means for your cash flow.

Projected deficits of America’s most popular retirement program vary by trillions of dollars. Find out why.

Nearly a third of retirees say their Social Security benefit is less than expected. Here’s what to do.

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Social Security benefit statements tell you what’s coming your way, but their scope is limited.

Roughly one-third of applications for Social Security disability benefits are ultimately approved. How to make sure yours is among them.

The longer you wait, the more your Social Security benefit grows — but for some it still makes sense to claim benefits early. Here’s why.

Many couples should brace for two big changes when it comes to claiming Social Security benefits. Because of Congress’ recent budget deal, two popular claiming strategies are coming to an end. The “file and suspend” and the “restricted application” options are being eliminated. Read More What the budget deal means for retirees Choosing one of these …

Waiting to claim Social Security benefits can significantly boost your guaranteed lifetime income in retirement. If you wait until you’re 70 years old to claim Social Security, you can raise your monthly benefit check by up to 76 percent, according to research by David Laster, Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s head of retirement strategies, and Anil …

One in four millennials doesn’t expect to receive any Social Security benefits in retirement. But if one of the most popular federal programs does survive in its current form—and that is a big if—the average millennial married couple could actually receive nearly double the average Social Security benefits that current retirees collect, according to a …