A new ranking of the best and worst places to retire considers practical factors, like medical costs and assisted living options.

The number of Fidelity 401(k) accounts with a balance of $1 million or more is on the rise. But as Sharon Epperson tells us, having all that money stashed away doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become a millionaire in retirement.

Retirees are wealthier than ever, but saving $1 million requires adopting a long-term approach, Fidelity’s Jeanne Thompson says.

How much will you need to cover health care costs in retirement? The average number is $280,000. Sharon Epperson breaks down the numbers and provides tips on how to plan for it.

The results of a retirement confidence survey found that 26% of U.S. workers have less than $1,000 put away. And as Sharon Epperson tell us, that wasn’t the other troubling finding.

Oregon has become the first state to roll out a state-run retirement savings plan that’s expected to give 1 million private-sector workers a chance at saving for the future.

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This change is the biggest update to the military’s pension and benefits since World War II.

The majority of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, while others have nothing put away. Sharon Epperson takes a deeper look at the nation’s savings problem.

The top House tax writer on Wednesday signaled that Congress could still propose changes to a popular retirement savings plan in its tax bill, contradicting an assurance made by President Donald Trump. At a Christian Science Monitor event, Rep. Kevin Brady said Republicans are “exploring a number of ideas” to “create incentives for Americans to …

President Donald Trump tweets there will be no change to a popular retirement savings plan under the new GOP tax bill.

A definitive guide to funding your golden years.

Accounts have hit record highs for the third consecutive quarter, according to Fidelity. How to make sure you’re on track.

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Proposals to tax contributions upfront, limit deferrals and create new savings accounts are floating around Capitol Hill.