The average Medicare beneficiary spent an average $922 on out-of-pocket dental costs, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

You know you need to put money away for retirement, but do you know how long your savings will last?

John Harwood reports on Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s proposal on social security and how it may impact higher income Americans.

Ylan Mui reports from Washington where Oregon Senator Wyden is proposing his own plan to fund social security which includes focus on the capital gains tax.

Nearly 10% of homeowners polled by said they withdrew from their retirement savings to cover their down payment and closing costs.

Just under a quarter of Americans are “very confident” they’ll have enough money to retire comfortably. And many expect to delay retirement at least until age 65, according to recent studies.

Nearly to one in five Americans don’t contribute enough to their employee-sponsored 401(k) plans to earn the company match, according to a new survey by MagnifyMoney. That means they’re missing out on “free money.”

Investors are hiding out in safe and low risk funds but is that the best place for your money? Joining us to discuss about cash in your portfolio is Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance at Morningstar.

If you wait until age 70 to start receiving Social Security retirement benefits, you generally stand to get the biggest checks.

But if you do not want to delay for that long, there is a second option where you will not take as much of a pay cut.

John Harwood joins us on the show to talk about how presidential candidates are already talking about your money.

A new report shows older Americans owe a lot more money now than just a decade ago. Could that make retirement a predicament? Joining us to discuss this topic is Joe Brusuelas, Chief Economist at RSM US.

Retirement has been on your mind. You’ve been thinking about the right time to finally leave your job, and what the next chapter of your life will be like.

Then the trade war between the world’s two largest economies heated up. Your savings went down. And people started talking about a recession.

When Congress returns from recess, it will have a slew of proposals to consider, including some that could have a big impact on your retirement.

Basic Medicare does not cover medical services you get outside the U.S. and its territories, except in very specific situations.

During these tense times with falling stocks and increase trade war tensions with China, we speak with Whittier Trust Chief Investment Officer Sandip Bhagat, and get his advice on what you should do with your portfolio.