Sears will use its Auto Centers to help install car tires ordered on Amazon.

The U.S. retail giant says it will acquire an initial stake of roughly 77 percent in Flipkart.

Amazon is increasing the price of its annual Prime membership from $99 to $119.

CoStar Group has calculated already more than 90 million square feet of retail space (including Bon-Ton) is set to close this year.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has published his latest annual shareholder letter.

American consumers have been paying for tariffs on clothing and shoes since the 1930 Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act.

The President has criticized Amazon, claiming it rips off the post office by shipping packages below cost. Morgan Brennan takes a look at whether Amazon is actually getting a great deal.

Ylan Mui reports on why Amazon is not just in the president’s crosshairs, but on both sides of the aisle in Washington D.C.

Walmart is exploring an acquisition of Pillpack, which manages prescription medications by packaging, organizing and delivering the meds. It has raised more than

Walmart has begun to take a stance in certain social issues such as religious freedom laws, raising the minimum wage, and raising the minimum age for gun purchases which has shifted Democrat’s perception of the retailer from negative to positive.

Nike reported stronger than expected earnings after the bell, as the footwear maker said strength in its international markets helped results.

The clock is ticking.

A second Nike executive is leaving the the company in the wake of complaints about inappropriate behavior at the sneaker giant.

Toys R Us missed a payment to some of its vendors this week, sources familiar with the situation told CNBC.