Landlords are looking more favorably at small businesses as tenants.

credit card

Millennials’ influence over other generations is about to fuel a sustained period of online sales growth, according to Goldman Sachs.


Urban Outfitters shed more than 8 percent after the firm revealed that same-store sales were falling this quarter.


Stefan Larsson is bringing his Old Navy playbook over to Ralph Lauren.


Thinking about investing in retail? Take a look at Wal-Mart Stores, analysts at Jefferies say.


Wal-Mart is forging ahead with its plan to lower prices, which is likely to cause ripple effects across the industry.


About 400 of America’s 1,100 enclosed malls will fail in the coming years, retail consultant Jan Kniffen says.


Gap announced yet another monthly same-store sales decline in March.

Nike earnings beat

Nike is taking innovation to a whole new level; its shoes now lace themselves.

luxury retail

Woes in the luxury space could result in the segment being next in line to trim its store fleets.

america apparel

California-based American Apparel is ready to clean up its image.

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Adobe’s Digital Index found that online sales hit a record $83 billion in November and December, easily beating the firm’s expectations.

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Wal-Mart will close 269 stores across the globe, 154 of which are in the U.S.


Wal-Mart shares are doing something pretty unusual this year: They’re rising.


Macy’s announced Wednesday it will cut thousands of jobs as part of its restructuring plan.