Real Estate

Almost every room of Ed Brown’s 40,000-square-foot oceanfront home has a bottle of Patron tequila — including many of the 16 bathrooms.

Mortgage rates moved solidly higher last week, but lenders saw no letup in loan demand.

By reversing a cut to insurance on government-backed mortgages, the Trump administration may have discouraged homebuyers, say officials.

A 38,000-square-foot mansion in Bel Air, California, is poised to become the most expensive home for sale in the U.S. at $250 million.

The new year brings new challenges for the homebuilding industry, specifically higher mortgage rates.

Small investors are getting a boost from firms using extensive data to help them become owners of rental homes in cities across the country.

CNBC’s Diana Olick breaks down the latest detail on mortgage applications and the housing market.

Mortgage interest rates came down slightly to end the year, but not enough to end the bleeding in the home-loan market.

The monthly payment on some new homes is considerably higher, there is, however, a way to lower it by buying down the rate.

After watching interest rates rise for nearly two months, homebuyers and homeowners took baby steps back into the mortgage market.

Adjustable rate mortgages used to carry a stigma, but here’s why they may be low-risk for borrowers now.

Homeownership may be the stuff of American dreams, but it doesn’t come cheap.

The bleeding in the mortgage business appears to have slowed, following a sharp rise in mortgage rates postelection.

Since its creation in September, the S&P 500 real estate sector has been the market’s worst performer.