Real Estate

Homeowners can now use income from Airbnb to qualify for mortgage refinances, thanks to a new pilot program through Fannie Mae.

Some borrowers may have jumped to get the last low rates now, fearing rates will move even higher in the coming weeks.

A strong employment report sent bond yields even higher, and mortgage rates loosely follow the yield of the 10-year Treasury.

The housing market slowed in December with both new and existing home sales falling sharply. Diana Olick takes a look at whether this is just a winter slump or a warning for the spring market.

The spring housing market is just around the corner and this year it will be more competitive than ever.

Diana Olick takes a look at the rise in mortgage rates this year and what it could mean for the Spring housing market.

Cryptocurrencies have brought more potential buyers to the super-rich home market.

The seller of a 9,000-square-foot Malibu, California, home is willing to accept bitcoin as part of the payment.

Homeowners have $3 trillion more in equity than when the housing market last bottomed in 2012.

The construction industry finished 2017 year with 35 percent more jobs added than in 2016. Now, the industry is even more optimistic.

The temperature may be frigid across much of the nation, but home prices are sizzling and sellers are in the hot seat.

Home prices continue to show strong gains, accelerating from earlier in the year due to high demand.

The Zenplace robot is a roving screen showing a live person in another location.

Total mortgage applications rose 4.7 percent last week, driven by applications to refinance.

Diana Olick reports on a new offering being launched by ManageGo that will provide landlords and tenants a way to pay and receive rent in bitcoin.