Real Estate

Nantucket, the vacationers’ island off Massachusetts, is becoming a hot spot for summer property.

Homes are selling at a record pace this selling season even as mortgage rates rise. But as Diana Olick tells us, there may a be a chill on the way.

Rising housing prices are causing a sharp jump in home equity, making homeowners wealthier. It is also bringing thousands of borrowers up from underwater on their mortgages.

Diana Olick explains how a shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry is causing an oversupply of new apartment buildings.

This the first part in a series of pieces where Diana Olick looks at the effects of increasingly severe weather and rising water on domestic real estate.

Billions of dollars in new development is going up in some of the riskiest locations. Some developers are putting climate resilience front and center, while others are putting their projects and investors at risk.

Built in 1919, the seven-acre estate was the main home of Jacqueline Bouvier in the 1940s.

The quick rise in home prices is causing concern among some industry experts. Diana Olick reports.

The run-up in home prices is gaining speed, causing some to warn that the increases will not be sustainable for long.

A sharp rise in interest rates last week meant far fewer homeowners could benefit from a mortgage refinance.

A new fin-tech real estate company backs buyers with cash, so they can make all-cash offers, even if they don’t have the cash.

Listing your home on a certain day — and even a certain time of day — may make it sell faster and for more money.

Interest rates for home loans fell for just the third time this year, but homeowners and homebuyers weren’t impressed.

Despite rising mortgage rates and one of the most competitive spring housing markets on record, consumer confidence in housing hits a new high.

Listed at 58 million dollars with a 360 degree terrace view of Los Angeles, the 7000-square-foot penthouse in Sierra Towers has been stripped down to make it more valuable.