Real Estate

Homebuyer demand is strong, but affordability was weakening even before rates began to rise, as tight supply pushed home prices sharply higher.

Following the subprime mortgage crisis, low-income borrowers with low credit scores were locked out of homeownership. Now a major player in the subprime crisis is backing new loans to the same borrowers but with a far different product.

Mortgage rates moved to the highest level in 8 years, and confidence in housing is now slipping. This as millennials are smack in the middle of their prime home buying years. Rates are expected to move even higher going into next year.

Home building stocks are getting crushed, and they could continue to be in the penalty box as interest rates rise, making the cost of homes more expensive.

A sharp rise in the 10-year treasury yield caused mortgage rates to jump to the highest level in seven years. Diana Olick reports on what that means for the housing market.

Real estate sales in the first quarter posted their largest drop in nearly a decade. Robert Frank reports on what’s driving the weakness.

Diana Olick reports on some borrowers fudging their incomes in order to qualify for loans.

Total real estate sales in Manhattan fell 11 percent in the third quarter compared with a year ago, marking the fourth straight quarter of double-digit declines, according to new data.

Signed contracts to buy existing homes fell for the second straight month to the lowest level since January of this year. Sales have fallen for four out of the last five months, as prices and mortgage rates increase.

Taylor Morrison Homes is the nation’s seventh largest publicly traded homebuilder by revenue. Its leader, Sheryl Palmer, is the first and only one of her kind in those ranks, a female CEO. Diana Olick reports.

Homeowners continued their rush to refinance, as mortgage rates jumped even higher last week.

Diana Olick reports on how the ongoing trade war is impacting home renovators.

Home renovation demand is soaring, and so are the costs to do it, thanks to a new round of tariffs on goods imported from China.

While demand for housing the US remains solid, there’s a new headwind that’s impacting both sellers and buyers. Diana Olick explains.

The lack of affordable housing has been an ongoing issue for many home buyers, and as more tariffs are slapped on Chinese goods that go into home building, that pain point could get worse. Diana Olick reports.