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A drop last week in mortgage applications is a testament to just how sensitive borrowers are to tiny rate moves.


For the first time since the recession, home size is shrinking. Median single-family square floor area has fallen by 73 feet.


Even with mortgage interest rates sitting near record lows, mortgage applications failed to make any gains last week.


Home improvement retailers are starting to see how millennials’ tastes differ from those of previous generations.


Rents are soaring and demand for apartments is historically high, but some developers are overestimating the strength of the market.

home sales

A significant bump higher in June home sales failed to materialize as expected, because buyers were met with little supply of available listings.

food truck

E-commerce may be driving consumers away from shopping centers, but food is pulling them back in.

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A new survey is showing weaker traffic at open houses and less interest in taking on a mortgage, as worries increase about student debt loads.


This will be the strongest summer housing market in a decade, says’s Jonathan Smoke. Here are the hottest markets.

Summer real estate bounce?

The appetite for U.S. real estate continues to flourish, but international buyers are shifting their sights from luxury to less-pricey properties.


“Annual rent growth is moderating as delivery of new supply peaks and job gains are starting to decline,” wrote Jay Denton, Axiometrics’ senior vice president of analytics.


B2R, a mortgage company owned by Blackstone Group, just began offering mortgages for investors that require nothing of the borrower.


The final push of the spring housing season turned out weaker than expected. Signed contracts to buy existing homes fell 3.7 percent in May.


The strain on housing supply has put strong upward pressure on home prices in most markets, but apparently not all markets, says Trulia.


After sitting tight for four straight months, confidence among U.S. homebuilders improved in June.