Predictions 2014

Will there be synchronized global economic growth in the new year?

The price of gasoline fell in 2013, leaving consumers with a little more to spend, but will prices stay low next year?

Record fines and new restrictions put a cloud over financials in 2013 and the banks might have even more to worry about this year.

Our market guest tells us how he thinks the stock market will fare in the new year.

How many people will enroll in the Affordable Care Act and how will that affect healthcare in the new year?

Will home prices moderate in 2014? Diana Olick tells us her predictions for real estate in the new year.

Consumers may have spent more this year but retailers face challenges in the new year to keep that momentum going.

The tech heavy Nasdaq surged to a 10-year high this year – but what will happen in 2014?

What changes are coming to the auto and airline industry in 2014 – here’s an insider’s guide.

After gains of 20 percent or more this year, stocks have their work cut out for them in 2014.

Global IT spending will grow to more than $2 trillion next year according to the IDC.

The only thing I can really say for certain about 2014 is that it’s a difficult year to predict. There simply isn’t anything that could possibly match my gold prediction a few years ago and my Japan Nikkei prediction last year. So much of the world has had an epic run lately that the opportunity to find what I …