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The Trump administration released a plan Friday that will force hospitals and insurers to disclose their negotiate rates or risk being fined.

The White House on Friday released a memorandum of an April 21 phone call between President Donald Trump and then-Ukrainian President-elect Volodimyr Zelenskiy.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will unveil legislation on Thursday that provides $180 billion over 10 years to cut carbon dioxide emissions from public housing across the country.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is about to take a victory lap, and President Donald Trump will be following along.

Joining us on the show is Rebecca Felton, Senior Portfolio Manager at Riverfront Investment, who gives us her analysis how stocks may react with the current impeachment hearing into President Trump.

Ylan Mui is in Capitol Hill for us and recaps day one of the impeachment hearing which Wall Street is keeping a close eye on.

The House Intelligence Committee opened its historic impeachment hearing to the public Wednesday with Chairman Adam Schiff warning Republicans not to reveal the identity of the whistleblower whose bombshell complaint helped launch the probe of President Donald Trump.

The Supreme Court hears arguments in a set of blockbuster cases over whether President Donald Trump may terminate an Obama-era immigration program that shields young immigrants from deportation.

Meg Tirrell has more for us on the highly anticipated meeting set forth between President Trump and leaders from the vaping industry.

News this week that two former Twitter employees were charged by the Department of Justice with spying for Saudi Arabia inside the company put a fresh spotlight on a problem few business people think about as they tweet, “friend” and message away on the internet: Social media is crawling with spies.

President Donald Trump on Thursday slammed a report from The Washington Post that said he had asked Attorney General William Barr to hold a news conference defending his controversial call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Supreme Court seemed skeptical of the Trump administration’s interpretation of the Clean Water Act during oral arguments in a major environmental law case argued on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that the United States is willing to help Mexico “wage WAR on the drug cartels” in the country, following the deaths of at least nine Americans, including six children, who reportedly came under attack in a highway ambush in a Mexican border state Monday.

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that President Donald Trump’s tax returns must be turned over to a state grand jury.

Ylan Mui reports from Capitol Hill as the House of Representatives is moving ahead on its impeachment inquiry but it may be running into a collision course in keeping the government up and running.