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As the Trump team touts a Carrier deal to help factory workers, a bill passed by the GOP-led House could undermine their efforts to add jobs.


Wilbur Ross is close to Trump and has experience across a lot of industries, said Bill Daley, who headed up Commerce under President Clinton.


Russia would defend its interests but had no intention of getting involved in any conflict as the country is in need of friends, Putin said.


“Mexico has better treaties with the rest of the world than the United States has. We’re going to fix that,” Wilbur Ross tells CNBC.


Trump’s pick for Treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, says the tax plan would not include an explicit cut for the upper class.


This year’s checklist of best year-end tax-preparation and investment practices remains the same, though things may change under Trump.


Articles over the weekend offered new details on how Trump and his family met with their overseas business partners after the election.


With the election over, “I’m supporting” President-elect Trump, the billionaire Republican businesswoman tells CNBC.


In a video created and distributed by his transition team, Trump rehashed many of his policy pledges previously made on the campaign trail.


The golden words Trump Place are being removed from three New York apartment complexes owned by billionaire Sam Zell’s Equity Residential.


Paul Ryan says the Republican dominated government will have to go “bold” and “big” to get the country where it wants to go.


Placing the Trump Organization into a blind trust is functionally, and perhaps legally, impractical, legal experts say.


But senior Trump economic advisor David Malpass argues that supply-side economics brings faster growth.


A new report finds political uncertainty on Main Street is growing.


GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump tells CNBC the Federal Reserve is doing what President Barack Obama wants by keeping interest rates low.