Personal Finance

Large employers predict the total cost of covering health insurance for workers and their families will hit an average of $15,375 in 2020, an increase of 5%, according to a survey by the National Business Group on Health.

Students can begin applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid starting on Oct. 1.

Common mistakes include choosing not to apply, dragging out the process and inputting the wrong data.

Our Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, Sharon Epperson, joins us on the set to discuss about ways to change your financial advisor to those investors who are thinking of making a switch.

It may seem like student loans and millennials are inextricably linked. But a new survey shows that education bills are not the leading source of debt among this generation.

You know you need to put money away for retirement, but do you know how long your savings will last?

Many women are aware that a woman in the U.S. generally makes about 80 cents to each dollar a man earns.

Generally speaking, the higher your credit score, the better off you are when seeking a loan. But the recovery time from a missed payment or financial setback differs for everyone. Here’s how to improve your score immediately.

Members of Generation Z (age 22 and under) are now the youngest employees in the workforce. But as they start their professional careers, many are failing to focus on a key aspect of their personal finances: their savings.

John Harwood reports on Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s proposal on social security and how it may impact higher income Americans.

We hear the pros and cons regarding the strategy of a flat income tax where every income level pays the same rate. Joining us on this debate is Leon LaBrecque, Chief Growth Officer at Sequoia Financial Group and Peter Mallouk, who’s the President and CIO at Creative Planning Inc.

Nearly 10% of homeowners polled by said they withdrew from their retirement savings to cover their down payment and closing costs.

There were more than 1,200 U.S. data breaches in 2018 alone, exposing more than 446 million records.

Brian Levitt, Global Market Strategist at Invesco, joins us on the show to give us his analysis on what to expect with the upcoming jobs report.

Americans are buying new cars and they are willing to shell out a near record amount of money to get them. Phil LeBeau reports.