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More workers can expect a holiday bonus this year — and maybe a more valuable payout, too. Here’s how to plan for that cash.


The longer you wait the more your retirement benefit grows but, for some, it still makes sense to receive benefits sooner.


Pay close attention to your benefits selections for next year. Your costs may be rising, and your coverage may be changing.


Nearly 2 in 3 Americans are limiting their monthly spending, largely to save more money, according to a new study.


Whether married or single, already a parent or not, millennials should consider buying life insurance as part of sound financial planning.


As student aid dollars help fund supplement families’ education expenses, they are also increasingly funding student lifestyles as well.


With the kids gone and college hopefully paid for, it’s time to concentrate on you. How to save for retirement.


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Young people say becoming an adult is less about age than financial milestones. What parents can do to prepare their children.


Withdrawing $20 from an out-of-network ATM can cost you more than 20 percent in fees on average, but you can avoid those charges.


Title insurance guards against claims on ownership.


Families of college-bound students can make smarter college choices using details gleaned from financial aid filings.


It’s the one-year anniversary of the credit and debit chip card. Hackers aren’t celebrating.


As college costs rise, more families step up to cover the tab, according to a report by education lender Sallie Mae.


A line-by-line review can reveal financial planning mistakes and opportunities that could save you money.