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When same-sex couples face divorce, details like length of marriage and parental rights are not legally clear-cut.

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Sharon Epperson, who recently returned from a serious health crisis, discusses the need to plan for the unexpected in life.

It took a traumatic event — a brain aneurysm — for CNBC’s Sharon Epperson to understand the importance of financial preparedness.

ATM fees hit a record, according to The average cost of an out-of-network ATM withdrawal is now near $5.

Social Security numbers exposed in the Equifax breach could be used for tax-related identity theft. Here’s how to head off the criminals.

Florida loses ground as one of the best places to retire, particularly in Irma’s aftermath.

It’s not just the three credit-reporting companies. There are hundreds of smaller, more specialized companies that store data on consumers’ behavior.

If you’re unable to work because of natural disasters like hurricanes, you may be able to recover lost wages.

If a tax overhaul includes generous increases in the standard deduction, use of the mortgage deduction would drop, one expert says.

Workers are in for another year of 3 percent salary increases. Job hopping could give you a boost, but isn’t without costs.

Recent court cases serve as a reminder that your plan provider is under no obligation to offer you the lowest-cost investments.

For the first time, the average national credit score has reached 700, according to FICO.

Many Americans consider themselves middle class even if their paycheck says otherwise.