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Many Americans are ill-prepared for a sudden expense. In fact, 66 million adults have no money saved for an emergency, according to


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For graduates with record student loan debt and entry-level jobs, choosing a credit card may have big consequences.


The 401(k) has been the default retirement savings option for over four decades, but many still don’t understand this complex product.

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As the worst-performing sector this year, financial stocks might make a tempting target for investors looking for value.


Without a rainy day fund, taking out a personal loan or line of credit may be the way to go.


Tuition bills are looming for parents of incoming college students. Plan ahead to minimize debt and maximize tax breaks.


Consumers who apply for a new mortgage are also more likely to open a new credit card and buy a car within the year.


Three in four Americans report having regrets about money, according to a new study.


Student loans, credit cards, mortgages, car payments, we’re leveraged up to our ears. How to know when debt is a good thing.


Unlimited choices and wedding photos being shared on social media are making weddings expensive, experts say.