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Will your retirement savings run out?

A new report shows we’re living longer, but can our pension system afford it?

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“There aren’t bad investment products, just poor uses for them.” This was a line I was taught to parrot years ago in my training at one of the world’s largest insurance companies. But while clever and convenient, it’s complete and utter nonsense. A great number of investments simply don’t deserve your—or anyone else’s—attention or dollars. …

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If you feel financially unprepared for your golden years, you’ve got company. More than one-third of Americans have nothing saved for retirement and 14 percent of those 65 and older have no retirement savings, according to a recent survey. But that could soon change thanks to strategies the government and some companies are putting …

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It’s really never too early to involve your children in money matters. You can start simply by explaining the purchases you make when you are out with your children. For example, have them pay attention when you are at the grocery checkout or when you pay for a meal at a restaurant. You can also …

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Traditional and Roth individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, are each an essential retirement savings vehicle. They also share two key similarities: Both are smart ways to grow your money in a tax-efficient way for retirement, and they each enable you to invest as much as $6,500 per year. However, the similarities end there. As you …


The recent volatility in the financial markets have left many Americans feeling jittery. The Dow and S&P indexes suffered some of their worst losses of the year last week, and a shocking price move in the bond market sent the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield below 2 percent, the lowest level in over a year. U.S. …

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Susan Bradley, founder of the Sudden Money Institute, said she has uncovered a fundamental truth: Almost everyone is in some form of a life transition. And how well you manage that transition often determines how well you make financial decisions. “Look at baby boomers,” she said. “By definition, they are starting the [densest] time of …

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There may be fewer changes to the federal tax code this year than in 2013, but the handful that exist could still impact what you owe. Some, like the new health insurance tax credit, could put more jingle in your pocket, while the expiration of more than four dozen temporary tax breaks that Congress has …

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The time is almost here for many new grads to start paying back their student loans. For those who graduated in May, the six-month grace period offered on most federal loans is about to expire. Worried you can’t afford it? You’re not alone. The average Class of 2014 graduate who has student loan debt has …

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In a month that has seen the Dow move more than 2,000 points, how can you protect your portfolio from all this volatility?

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Two years ago a married couple in their early 60s hired certified financial planner Andrea Blackwelder to answer a problematic question: Do we have enough saved up for retirement? The husband hated his job and wanted to retire immediately. “If they had come to me 10 years earlier, they would be in a completely different …