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People are leaving the state of California in droves and it could leave a lasting mark on the world’s 5th largest economy. Jane Wells reports.

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The Democratic-controlled House passed a bill on Thursday that would do away with the $10,000 limit on the itemized deduction for state and local taxes for two years.

Congress is poised to push through a massive spending bill this week. And politicians are using the opportunity to help fix the pensions and health-care benefits for one group of workers: coal miners.

As credit card balances creep higher and Americans’ confidence in their ability to pay their bills declines, this high-interest debt has become a problem across all income levels.

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The Social Security Administration is the No. 1 government agency targeted by imposters, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Our Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, Sharon Epperson, joins us on the show and gives us her tips and pointers in battling medical debt.

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Tech companies, big and small, are getting in the banking business, but how do you know if they are right for you and your money? Joining us on the show with her analysis and tips is our Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, Sharon Epperson.

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