Saudi Arabia’s crude shipments to China have doubled in the span of a year. During the same period, its oil exports to the U.S. have dropped by nearly two-thirds.

The oil sector was also impacted by concerns of the global economy. John Kilduff, Founding Partner at Again Capital, joins us to discuss about oil prices.

The Strait of Hormuz is considered one of the most important oil passageways in the world and we have a special look on the international maritime trade on those waters. Hadley Gamble reports.

China is expected to dramatically reduce its intake of U.S. crude imports over the coming weeks, energy analysts have warned, following the latest flare-up in trade war tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

In the past year, oil prices are down around 20% which might be good for consumers but not for investors. Brian Sullivan reports.

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn believes Occidental’s acquisition of Anadarko is the worst tie-up he’s seen in his long career on Wall Street.

The increase tensions between the U.S. and China is affecting oil prices. Brian Sullivan reports on the market’s concerns regarding how low can oil prices go.

Morgan Stanley does not expect rising tensions in the world’s most important oil chokepoint to lead to a sustained jump in oil prices.

How will markets react with the rising geopolitical tensions with Iran? We speak with Katie Bays, who’s the co-founder at Sandhill Strategies, and get her analysis.

Brian Sullivan continues his coverage in Vienna, Austria where he recaps what happened on the second day of the OPEC meetings.

Will there be an extension by OPEC to extend production cuts? Brian Sullivan has more for us from Vienna at the OPEC meetings.

OPEC and its allies looked all but certain to extend oil supply cuts by nine months, after several members of the Middle East-dominated producer group endorsed a policy designed to support oil prices amid a weakening global economy.

After the G-20 Summit, the next big meeting will be in Vienna where major oil producer countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia will be attending. Brian Sullivan reports why oil prices have been pretty stable here in the U.S. even with the heighten tensions with Iran and Venezuela’s problems with their oil production.

The largest east coast refinery is shutting down and that could send gasoline prices higher this summer season. We speak with John Kilduff, the founding partner at Again Capital, with his assessment on what to expect when pumping your tank.

Over the weekend, the fire at the Philadelphia oil refinery was extinguished. Now, questions remain on the cause of the explosion and how much will it cost to get the oldest refinery in American back and running again. Brian Sullivan reports.