Joining us on the show to give his perspective on what may be ahead for the oil sector is Rob Thummel, Portfolio Manager at Tortoise Advisors.

Brian Sullivan reports on what we may expect to see in the energy sector in 2020.

Many major oil-producing countries have been fervently working to stem this downward trend.

A newly-discovered oilfield in the Norwegian part of the North Sea is on track to produce almost 0.5% of global oil supplies next year, despite calls for it to immediately stop producing crude altogether.

Brian Sullivan reports on how the oil industry is facing challenges which includes debt threat.

Saudi Aramco may have finally fired the starting pistol on its initial public offering (IPO), but some analysts still believe investors should think carefully before jumping on board.

Banning fracking in the United States will aid foreign oil producers at the expense of the American economy, an Exxon executive said Friday.

President Donald Trump says he’s interested in making a deal with ExxonMobil or another energy company to tap Syrian oil reserves.

Brian Sullivan reports on why rates have been surging in the oil tanker business sector and why it’s important to investors.

Oil prices rose sharply on Friday morning after Iranian state media said that two rockets had struck an Iranian tanker traveling through the Red Sea.

Some of investors’ concerns in the market is the decline in manufacturing numbers which may be attributed to the slowdown in the energy sector. Brian Sullivan explains.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has warned of astronomical oil prices in the event that tensions escalate in the Persian Gulf, two weeks after his country was hit by a drone and cruise missile attack that Riyadh and Washington have blamed on Iran.

Oil slid after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed Friday that the U.S. offered to remove all sanctions on Iran in exchange for negotiations. President Donald Trump and the State Department later denied those claims, causing oil to rebound from the lows.

Hadley Gamble has a special report as she visited the site of the recent Saudi Arabian oil production attacks and how repairs are now underway.

Repair work is underway at two Saudi Aramco oil facilities after predawn attacks on Saturday forced the kingdom to shut down half its total oil production.