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Nightly Business Report — April 24, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Microsoft reports earnings after the closing bell and CEO Satya Nadella will host his first conference call since taking the top job. What’s the one key takeaway for investors? And, who should control the internet? The Federal Communications Commission is proposing new rules and they’re not without controversy.

Nightly Business Report — April 23, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Apple reports strong quarterly results and announces a huge stock split. Is it a good move for investors? And, Coke shareholders approve its controversial executive pay package. Tonight, Warren Buffett, Coca-Cola’s biggest shareholder, reacts to the vote.

Nightly Business Report — April 22, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, $65b worth of pharmaceutical deals in the past 24 hours. What’s driving them and should investors expect more? And, inside the Supreme Court case that could shake up the television industry and change how people watch TV.

Beijing auto show

Alan Mulally was on hand at the opening of the Beijing auto show, as American automakers invest heavily in the world’s fastest growing car market.

Nightly Business Report — April 21, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, one third of the S&P 500 report earnings this week. There are three companies to watch that could give investors greater insight into the stock market and the economy. And, are big name mutual funds taking on more risk as they increase their investments in Silicon Valley startups?

Nightly Business Report — April 18, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, a special “spring thaw” edition that examines whether the winter doldrums are gone and the economy is ready to grow.

Nightly Business Report — April 17, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, what results from General Electric, Goldman Sachs and United Healthcare say about the health of three distinct parts of the American economy – industry, finance and healthcare. And, did you know that if you ‘like’ a General Mills product on Facebook or have downloaded its coupons, you may never be …

Nightly Business Report — April 16, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report.. Stocks rallied and stayed there after Fed Chief Janet Yellen spoke. What did she say that the market seems to like? And, why the usually staid and slow-moving utility sector is leading the way on Wall Street this year.

Nightly Business Report — April 15, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, what caused the whipsaw day on Wall Street and can we expect more volatility in the coming weeks and months? And, the key takeaway in Intel and Yahoo’s earnings reports that could set the tone for investors tomorrow.

Nightly Business Report — April 14, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the bulls are back. Citigroup put investors in a buying mood with better than expected earnings. Will the optimism continue when a flood of earnings reports hit the street this week? And, who tops the list of top paid CEOs? NBR has the names.

Nightly Business Report — April 11, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business, is the bull market still alive? After a wild week on Wall Street, see what one market watcher says you should do with your money now. And, shares of JPMorgan drop after a disappointing earnings report. Where does the stock head from here?

Nightly Business Report — April 10, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, a sea of red. Stocks sell off led lower again by the Nasdaq. What you need to know.

Nightly Business Report — April 9, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the Fed moves markets – again. What does it mean for stocks and the economy?

Nightly Business Report — April 8, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the outlook for earnings season. Also, as we wait on earnings for bellwether consumer companies, those companies’ products are seeing falling demand. What does it mean for the Gillettes and Procter & Gambles of the world?

Nightly Business Report — April 7, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the selling continues in tech. The Nasdaq is having its worst three-day slide since November 2011. Is there more going on here than meets the eye?