NBR Show Clips

Nantucket, the vacationers’ island off Massachusetts, is becoming a hot spot for summer property.

Are you planning to travel this summer? Sharon Epperson joins us to keep you informed about the fraud tactics you may come across.

Eunice Yoon reports that Chinese e-commerce company JD.com saw record sales from its mid-year shopping festival.

Steve Liesman reports on the economic consequences from the Trump administration’s trade polices.

Annette Weisbach reports on how the uncertain future of Germany’s Chancellor Merkel is negatively impacting European stocks.

Sharon Epperson breaks down how you can lower your credit card interest rate and raise your credit limit.

Kate Rogers has the story of a businesswoman who fought back when her company was hit by an influx of cheap products from China.

The Federal Reserved hiked interest rates and signaled that two more may be ahead by the end of 2018. So what does rising rates mean for you and your budget? Sharon Epperson breaks it down for us.

Steve Liesman takes a look at the state’s new experimental program to address its local worker shortage that not only has implications on Kentucky, but the entire nation.

Andrew Ross Sorkin reports on the departure of Starbucks chairman and former CEO Howard Schultz and speculation he may seek opportunities in politics.

This the first part in a series of pieces where Diana Olick looks at the effects of increasingly severe weather and rising water on domestic real estate.

Eamon Javers reports on the White House imposing 25% tariffs on steel and 10% tariffs on aluminum for America’s biggest trading partners.

Phil LeBeau reports airlines are pouring billions of dollars into upgrades at Los Angeles International Airport.

Contessa Brewer reports dairy farmers across eight states are struggling as big retailers, such as Walmart and Kroger, get into the milk business.

Julia Boorstin was at the Code Conference, where some of the biggest names in tech and media spoke about developments in the fast-changing industries.